Outlander Season 6: The Latest Updates Along With The Plot Details


Outlander Season 6, an edition of the all-around loved show, is close on the horizon. The way the show has created the legacy is commendable and admirable. Be it the historical war throws, the steamy scenes, or just the to and fro from past and future. I don’t know one person who hasn’t thought of time traveling as Claire did. With the fifth season being chaotic and gruesome for the viewers, we want to know what Outlander Season 6 will bring for the lead victim, Claire.

The chaotic traveling and the battles have left a deep mark on the lead characters. With Claire making some prominent influential decisions, Jamie defending everything he has ever wanted, the show has come so far. Outlander Season 6 will act as manna, not in any product less desert, but the windy wrap-up of the story.

Outlander Season 6

The release date


The COVID-19 hit us all unexpectedly and took a toll on all the businesses. Hence, in Outlander Season 6 also got choked in the midst. The filming of the season started in March but got delayed. In June 2020, Sam Heughen told This Morning that the cast and crew want to get back to work and they are working on how to make ends meet for the shoot. He said, “They are putting plans in place. I’m hopeful that we will be back before we know it.”

However, filming hasn’t begun yet. Thus, conjecturing about the release date is an impossible feat right now. But, if the filming begins soon, we can get the show by 2021 end.

Outlander Season 6
Source: Outlandish Drama

What will unfold in Outlander Season 6?


In the fifth season, some pretty daunting scenes unfurled. Home to some is the 18th century, like for Roger, Brianna, and Jemmy. The near-death experiences of Jaime and Roger also gave us a heart-attack nearly. However, the horrible gang-rape which Claire has escaped quite a few times went don as well. The mental state that she went to during the gruesome and unwanted experience, is processed as a breaking point. Jamie and his men did find Claire, with Lionel taken into custody for questioning.

In Outlander Season 6, we will see a lot of Claire’s traumatic experience and how she will deal with it. The looming War of Independence ad the uncertainty of Jamie’s life will all form strong limelight in Outlander Season 6. Watch the following video to see what the lead stars feel about what’s to come.

Will we say goodbye to Jamie in Outlander Season 6?

As said earlier, Jamie is an 18th-century lad. We cannot mess with nature. So, his end seems looming as well. Sam Heughan talked about it and said, “I think I can see where the end might possibly be. It’s hard to think about it and to think about what will happen when the show is over.”

So, even if the sixth season is still to come, the sadness of its ending is also coming at us with full force.


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