Outer Banks Season 3 Will Dive Deeper into the Treasure Adventures, Everything We Know So Far


Fans’ love and curiosity have led to Outer Banks Season 3. The second season just dropped on July 30 and fans are yearning for more. Outer Banks follows the story of a group of working-class teenagers in North Carolina and their adventures in a treasure hunt. The series takes the audience on an adventure filled with thrill, romance, arrogance, and of course drama. However, the first two seasons did pretty well on Netflix. Let’s see what the third season has in store for its viewers.

Outer Banks Season 3 Awaits Renewal

So far, Outer Banks Season 3 isn’t renewed. Although we hope that Netflix renews it soon as it hit number one in Netflix’s top 10 as soon as the series is released. Usually, Netflix takes a month or two to renew a series after the existing season. Hopefully, it gets renewed soon. Moreover, we are predicting that the third season will arrive in 2022. The second season was released a year after season 1 premiered. Henceforth, we can expect the third season anytime next year.


Outer Banks Season 3 Will Dive Deeper into the Treasure Adventures, Everything We Know So Far
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Who will Return as the Cast?

We expect the following people to return for Outer Banks Season 3:

  1. Madelyn Cline- Sarah
  2. Chase Stokes- John B
  3. Madison Bailey- Kiara
  4. Jonathan Daviss- Pope
  5. Rudy Pankow- J.J.
  6. Carlacia Grant- Cleo
  7. Drew Starkey- Rafe
  8. Charles Esten- Ward

Expected Plot for Outer Banks Season 3


In the second season, we saw Pogues stranded in Poguelandia after losing their fortune for the second time. It has come to notice from the showrunners that even though the Pogues are feeling low, they are not going to give up on the gold. Outer Bank Season will definitely follow their quest for gold. The showrunners and the executive team have also hinted that viewers will witness more adventures in the upcoming season. Besides that, we also saw in the last season that John’s father is still alive. The showrunners have also hinted that this revelation will become the spine for the next season.

Outer Banks Season 3 Will Dive Deeper into the Treasure Adventures, Everything We Know So Far
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Showrunners Vision Three to Four Seasons of the Show

The series has currently two seasons airing on Netflix. However, fans are quite excited about Outer Banks Season 3, they must know that the showrunners have actually planned for a lot more. Jonas Pate, the creator, and showrunner revealed that he actually wants the show to run for four or five seasons. This is actually good news for the fans. Moreover, Jonas said that nothing is predictable but he definitely has a four-season series. Besides that, he actually hopes to entertain the audience for a long time. Nonetheless, season 2 did pretty well and kept the fans intrigued. Let’s hope that the third season gets renewed soon.

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