Outer Banks Season 3: Why is Netflix Delaying the Show?


Netflix is continuously delaying Outer Banks Season 3. Although the streaming network hasn’t officially renewed the series, we are all positive. Keeping the show’s fanbase and popularity in mind, we know that it will come up with another season. Moreover, there are rumors about another season of the show. Besides that, the second season left the fans on a major cliffhanger, making room for a season 3. Although nothing is official, we are assuming that the third season will air sometime in 2022. However, we have decided to wait until Netflix makes an official announcement.

Will Outer Banks Season Happen?

Since the second season came recently in 2021, we are quite unsure about Outer Banks Season 3. As mentioned above, Netflix has not even renewed the series for a third season. But some sources have spilled the beans and stated that there are possibilities of a new season. Henceforth, we are hopeful. Keeping that in mind, predicting a 2022 release date is a safe bet. The show first premiered in 2020 and aired its recent and second season in 2021. So, we can assume that season 3 will come to Netflix in 2022. Both the seasons consisted of 10 episodes, so we hope the same for the third season.


Outer Banks Season 3: Why is Netflix Delaying the Show?
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Why is the Show Getting Delayed?

Netflix has not really spoken on this topic yet. But we are assuming that it is the pandemic that has led to the delay. Outer Banks Season 2 was mostly delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only this show but several other shows were delayed due to the pandemic as well. Henceforth, we are predicting the same reason for Outer Banks Season 3. It is clear that production for season 3 hasn’t started yet. And what else could hamper the productions apart from the pandemic? Until and unless the pandemic situation gets better, we can’t really hop on to conclusions.

What to Expect from Outer Banks Season 3?


In the previous season, we saw that John B. was reunited with his father. Besides that, the Pogues were stranded in Poguelandia after the fortune slipped out from their hands for the second time.

Outer Banks Season 3: Why is Netflix Delaying the Show?
Source: Us Weekly

Outer Banks Season 3 will probably revolve around the Pogues’ quest for gold. Whatsoever the situation is, they are just not going to give up. Moreover, the upcoming season will have a lot more adventure than the previous ones. Let’s see what happens in the show once Netflix renews it.

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