Oracle moves its headquarters to Texas, after Tesla’s establishment there.


Oracle, the American multinational computer technology, was initially headquartered in Redwood Shores, California. It made into news after it migrated to Texas. Also, it is the latest tech firm to depart Silicon Valley for the Lone Star State. Regarding the sudden establishment, Oracle stated that the sudden plan is to implement a more flexible employee work location policy for their company. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, every corporation in Silicon Valley took this shot to exit California and move to Texas. 

When they were asked about their sudden move to Texas; the corporation acknowledged that they have chosen Texas as it is the best position for Oracle for its growth and apt to furnish their faculty with more flexibility about where and how they need to work.


Oracle moving to Texas

Is it because of Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk’s decision? 

Texas has recently evolved as every firm’s favorite spot, especially after Tesla’s new plant implementation. 

Also, Oracle is one of the latest firms to move to Texas, as the state of California was blamed for its political climate and other issues, which in the case affected their businesses. 

Regarding the unfavorable environment, earlier Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla moved to Texas to cope with his future business profits.


Considering everyone’s departure to Texas; Elon Musk made it clear that he is on a mission to improvise his Tesla’s car plant and his SpaceX. He also notified that the introductory headquarter in California is pretty inadequate for his business. 

Not only Oracle but also HP Enterprise, Hewlett Packard are a few companies that have moved to Texas recently.  Meanwhile, Oracle persuaded that the company will continue to look after other headquarters in Santa Monica California, Seattle Denver, Orlando Florida, and Burlington Massachusetts. 

What makes Austin best to transfer?

Austin is the capital city of the US State of Texas. Austin has given shelter for more than 500 companies such as Apple, 3M, Amazon, Google, IBM, Texas Instruments, Whole Foods Market. And lately the addition of Oracle.

Oracle is one of the popular and oldest firms in Silicon Valley, founded in 1977, Santa Monica. Originally, it built its empire in California in 1989. Subsequently, it moved to Texas in 2020, during the pandemic.


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