Oppo’s First 5G Lab In India; The First Plant Outside China


The Chinese electronics brand, Oppo is all set to launch its first plant outside China. The company is very prominent for its smartphone and other electronic productions. Recently, they have acknowledged that they have planned to set up its 5G innovation lab in India. Moreover, it is the first plant to get its establishment outside its origin, China.

The company’s innovations lab set up will be in Hyderabad, India. The new set up will be covering the three functional labs; camera, power & battery, and performance of Oppo’s production. The establishment is for research and development purposes.


Regarding the new institution, Oppo India Vice President and Head for Research and Development, Tasleem Arif states that “This is Oppo’s first 5G lab overseas. With this lab setup, while we work towards developing core technologies for the 5G era and strengthen the overall ecosystem, we also aim to support India in its 5G journey”.

Oppo Lab in Hyderabad
Oppo Lab in Hyderabad

What is the purpose of implementing a plant in India?

Through this plant in Hyderbad, it will be a global trademark for Oppo, in such a way that it will promise clients a clear vision. This lab in Hyderbad will focus on making the latest and the most advanced technologies for global users. Furthermore, the Oppo India squad will sooner lead innovation labs in countries; such as the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, Japan, and Europe.

What is the Oppo contribution to India?


In  2001, Chen Mingyong is the founder of this Chinese company, Oppo. In the beginning, it was recognized for its high-quality Blu-ray players, amplifiers, and headphones. Now, it is well-known for its smartphones.

As it evidently displays that Oppo is very much famous for ist camera innovation, especially in India. The company Oppo started its smartphone market in 2014 in India with the launch of Oppo N1. Besides, it is the first smartphone with a swirled camera.

Oppo headquarters in China

On the other hand, it is estimated in September 2020, Oppo ascribes that over three thousand 5G network standard-related proposals to 3GPP. Declaring that over a thousand families of 5G standard patents to France based technical standard body European Telecommunication Standard Institute is a part.


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