One Punch Man Season 3: Expected Plot, Cast, Release Date and much more


A Japanese Manga series, set in city Z, ‘One Punch Man’ is all about Saitama, a superhero.  Saitama has fought various battles in life and won all of them. He is blessed with the superpower of blowing his enemies in just one punch. Nothing can challenge him, as he the most powerful person in the world. Henceforth, he struggles with boredom and depression.

And now he is looking for a challenge that he truly deserves. It is one of the best anime series ever made. The series was released in Japan in 2015 and gained a huge fan following. So far, there are two seasons available for the series. The series takes its audience on a roller-coaster ride filled with various emotions. A lot of rumors regarding season 3 are being spread, but nothing is official yet. Here’s everything you should know about One Punch Man season 3.

One Punch Man Season 3
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Will One Punch Man Return for a third season? 


One Punch Man season 1 and 2 were a big hit. Not only in Japan but anime lovers all over the world were highly impressed by the series. Keeping the show’s popularity in mind, a third season can be expected. However, it is officially not confirmed that whether the series will return for a third season or not. The first season aired from October to December 2015. Whereas, the second season ran between April and July 2019. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the renewal of One Punch Man season 3. It is expected to be released somewhat by the year 2022. We also don’t know whether Madhouse Studio or J.C. Staff Studio will take over the production of the third season.


Since One Punch Man hasn’t been renewed for a third season, there is no trailer yet. There are a lot of uncertainties undergoing the series. One Punch Man season 2 did not receive much attention from fans and critics. Undoubtedly, the anime series is very popular and could be renewed for a third season. But the date isn’t certain and finalized. Also, the show-creators have expressed their interest in renewing the series for a third season. Usually, trailers are released a month before the season’s premiere. It seems like the third season is a bit far away. Fans are requested not to keep their hopes high at this point in time.

The popularity of the Series 

One Punch Man season 2 did not gain as much popularity and appreciation as season 1. However, this is quite common in anime series. The opening song of season 2 was not liked by a lot of people. One Punch Man merchandise is also quite popular among the fans. Season 1 was a big hit globally. People loved and appreciated the concept of the series. However, season 2 lacked a few instances. We hope that the show creators would fill this gap in the third season. Here’s the season 1 trailer.

Source Material 

Source material plays a very important role in the production of anime series. One-Punch Man has been adapted from Manga. Currently, there are 23 manga volumes of the series. Out of these 23, 1-7 volumes were used in the production of One Punch Man season 1 in 2015. Season 2 utilized 8-16 manga volumes. This means that there is plenty of sources left for the third season. In the upcoming few months, we can expect the release of more manga volumes for One Punch Man.


One Punch Man Season 3
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Season 3 Expected Plot

The series is unimaginable without Saitama. People envy him and don’t like him, as he is very powerful. In One Punch Man season 3, we can expect Saitama to get engaged in another epic battle around the story. More heroes and more villains are expected this time. Most probably, season 3 will focus on Garou and his fight against the Heroes. Garou will embed new powers and won’t get defeated by Saitama easily. We hope to see quite a lot of action and drama in the third season. Since nothing is confirmed for One Punch Man season 3, therefore, we also don’t have much data regarding it. Keep checking our website for the latest updates.

Expected Cast 

The expected voice-over cast for One Punch Man season 3 is as follows:

Character Artist
1.     Saitama Makoto Furukawa
2.     Genos Kaito Ishikawa
3.     Garou Hikaru Midorikawa
4.     Tatsumaki Aoi Yuuki
5.     YMumen Rider Yuuichi Nakamura


One Punch Man Season 3
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Hence, it can be concluded that One Punch Man season 3 will be released soon. We can expect it by end of 2021 or early 2022. Besides that, the show’s popularity also adds to its renewal. One Punch Man Season 2 took 4 years to release after the first season was premiered in 2015. Fans should keep supporting the show and sit back tight in order to hear some good news. As soon as we get any updates regarding the show, we will bring them to you guys. In case, you’ve not binged One Punch Man Season 1 and 2, watch it, you’ll definitely love it.

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