On My Block Season 4 is Coming to Netflix on This Date, Know Here


“On My Block” Season 4 has finally got a release date. Netflix announced the release date of the teen drama a while ago and it’s all set o arrive this fall. However, if you are hearing the name of the series for the first time, you are truly missing out. The series is one of the amazing and underrated TV shows right now. Well, if you are here, you are probably wondering about the release date of the upcoming season. Besides that, we have other important updates regarding the series as well. Make sure that you don’t miss out on anything. Here are all the details that you need to know.

When is On My Block Season 4 Coming to Netflix?

“On My Block” Season 4 is all will arrive on Netflix on October 4, 2021. The third season of the show aired back in March 2020 and since then fans are waiting for their favorite characters to return. However, season 4 is the final season of the entire On My Block Franchise.


On My Block Season 4 is Coming to Netflix on This Date, Know Here
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While announcing the renewal of the fourth season a few months back, Netflix also announced that it is the final season. So far, the show has spawned three amazing seasons and you should totally watch it if you haven’t. Besides that, we have come to know that season 4 is in the works.

Production Updates

As far as production is concerned, this is all we know. “On My Block” Season 4 started filming in March this year. Star Diego Tinoco shared a glimpse of himself from the sets with his head shaved. Moreover, the show wrapped its production in June 2021. Stars Brett Gray and Jessica Marie Garcia informed the news via Twitter. Now that the filming is also done and we do have the release date as well, let’s delve a bit more into the upcoming season.

Let’s Recap


The third season of the series ended on a very bittersweet note. Monse and Freeridge leave for the boarding school where Ruby, Jamal. and Cesar came to say goodbye as well. Although the four friends had promised each other that they will never drift apart, this is what we call destiny. Moreover, the third season also had a two-year time jump where we come to know that these friends are no more talking to each other. They all have chosen their own ways in life. Monse is at the boarding school, Jamal has joined the football team, Ruby is still dating Jasmine, and Cesar is the leader of the Santos. “On My Block” Season 4 will pick up exactly where season 3 left off.

On My Block Season 4 is Coming to Netflix on This Date, Know Here
Source: Entertainment Tonight

On My Block Season 4 Synopsis

The official synopsis of “On My Block” Season 4 states that there is actually a big secret that is waiting to get unveiled. Now that the friends have decided to walk their own ways, there is something that will bind them back together. What is that secret? Probably, it is something about the past as the synopsis says that one can never run from their past. In order to survive, they will have to stick together.

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