On My Block: Season 3 Ending Explained And Season 4 News


On My Block is a teen comedy-drama that hits it right out of the park. The show merges teenage angst amid gang violence and a treasure hunt. With a bunch of hilarious and thoughtful characters, an addictive storyline, and a lot of heart, the show is among the best teen shows from Netflix. Despite its limited popularity, the show still maintains a dedicated fanbase. The premiere of the third season quickly put it on top of Netflix’s Top 10.

The third season ended on a highly unexpected note. Fans have been wondering what the ending suggested and if that means the show has come to an end. With a heartbreaking ending that nobody anticipated, the show made it clear that they are not here for happy endings, but the real-life!

So let’s talk about the events at the end of Season 3 and what’s in the future for On My Block.

Also, a friendly reminder. Spoilers ahead!

On My Block
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On My Block Season 3: Ending Explained

While everything that On My Block has been teasing for the last three seasons did get wrapped up by the end of Season 3.

The Core 4 managed to find the Rollerblade money and launder it. Then in Season 3, they were tasked with finding Lil Ricky. This formed the primary plot of the third season as the crew also finds him at the end.

But that was not all that the finale had to offer. The penultimate episode of Season 3 made us prepare for the death of Oscar. The crew is then sent on a hunt to find his body.

The final episode has them searching for Oscar’s corpse when they come across the dead body of Cuchillos. While we still don’t know who killed her, we do know Oscar is alive.
While talking with Cesar, Oscar tells him that he is going to quit and start a family on his own.


On My Block
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Monse, who is still reluctant to leave her friends is convinced to go to college by Cesar. He promises her that he will always be there waiting for her. The group shares a final goodbye where Monse tells them, “Promise me nothing’s gonna change”. The group chants with her, “Nothing’s gonna change” as she drives off.

The show then takes a 2-year jump and we see all the characters have gone on with their lives.

Monse is in her college with new friends and a new makeover. Some photo frames nearby show how her life has changed. She has made new friends and also made up with her mother. In one photo, we see her playing with her step-siblings. But the sad part is the photo of the Core 4 that she held dear to her heart is now in the background. Her stationary and other stuff hides it from view.

On My Block
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Jamal has joined the football team and is hanging out with his teammates. Ruby, who is with Jasmine now, walks nearby holding her hands. For a brief moment, Jamal and Ruby make eye contact then go back to their worlds. It is a little heartbreaking seeing how the iconic duo has grown apart.

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Oscar also has a family now with a child on the way. It finally seems like he has given up the street life and has finally settled down. This probably might be the only happy moment in the heartbreaking finale.

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However, Oscar couldn’t save his brother from the street’s clutches. The final scene of the episode shows Cesar with his head shaven and the Santos emblem tattooed on his back. As he turns around, we see another tattoo of a broken heart with a skull on his chest. This clearly indicates that Monse and Cesar have broken up and it has somehow left Cesar devastated. Is that the reason he joined the world of street violence?


While all the previous season finales of On My Block have been wrenching in their own ways, this was probably the hardest to encounter for fans. The show takes a different take with the core group broken.

While this may seem like a happy ending for a few characters, we still hope the show would continue and we get to see Cesar’s redemption.

So is On My Block Season 4 happening?

What’s the status of Season 4?

While Netflix is yet to release any new news on a new season, things do look positive.

Just a few days before the Season 3 premiere, Variety reported that Netflix has signed creator Lauren Iungerich for a multi-year overall deal. According to the report, Iungerich will write and produce series and other projects exclusively for Netflix while continuing her work with On My Block under her new deal.

The show also became a huge fan-favorite and s critically appreciated. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has an approval rating of 97%.

Many fans have assumed that Season 3 was the end of the show with the characters finally growing apart. Monse is thriving in college because she went out of the street life. Cesar, who couldn’t escape the street life is now the new leader of the Santos.

However, the ending still had many fans devastated. They are still hoping to see some kind of redemption for Cesar.

All in all, it is safe to say the creators can explore a whole lot in the next season.

In an interview with TV Guide, Iungrich said, “If we get a Season 4, those things will be answered.”

For now, we can just wait for the updates with our fingers crossed!

The cast of On My Block

  • Sierra Capri – Monse
  • Jason Genao – Ruby
  • Brett Gray – Jamal
  • Diego Tinoco – Cesar
  • Jessica Marie Garcia – Jasmine
  • Julio Macias – Oscar aka Spooky
  • Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson – Kendra
  • Ian Casselberry – Ray
  • Eme Ikwuakor – Dwayne
  • Reggie Austin – Monty
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