On “Cushioned Sofas” Barb, Rahul Gandhi Points To 8,400 Crore Plane For PM


 Congress MP Rahul Gandhi – mocked for sitting on padded seats during the protest of laws farm vehicle rally in Punjab.Today by blaming Prime Minister Narendra Modi for “squandering” a great many crores on two uniquely designed Boeing planes that “didn’t simply have a pad however a ton of extravagance beds for his solace”. 

Rahul Gandhi Points to 8400 Crore VVIP Plane for PM Narendra Modi on  Cushioned Sofas Barb during Farm Acts Protest in Hariyana - Ruckus on sofa  tractor » Indian News Live

Rahul Gandhi takes on it. 

Scrutinizing the need to go through such a lot of cash “when China is at our outskirts”, and the legislature is surging weapons, ammo, fuel, food and winter basics to eastern Ladakh – in its most excellent activity in many years. Mr Gandhi recommended PM Modi needed the planes -of Air India One -because “his companion Donald Trump (the United States President) has one (Air Force One)”. 

The public must raise their question on this step: RAHUL GANDHI

“Why not question them about this? Oddly, no one is approaching about the Boeing 777 bought for this incredible sum however everybody rushes to highlight a gaddi (pad),” Mr Gandhi told journalists in Punjab’s Patiala today – the second day of this three-day rally. 



Prime Minister Modi has purchased two aeroplane worth Rs 8,400 crore. On the other, China is at our outskirts, and our security powers are conquering cruel winters to ensure . he stated, including that the pads had been put there by well-wishers. Rahul Gandhi’s remark set off a prompt reaction from sources in the administration, which called attention to that the acquisition cycle for the planes – one of which is for VVIPs – was begun under the Congress-drove UPA organization and said it had closed the buy. 

Union Minister Hardeep Puri tweeted a picture of Rahul Gandhi on padded seats on a work vehicle. Mr Gandhi has been vocal against the Narendra Modi government on a few fronts. Including its treatment of the China outskirt line; early today the Congress chief proclaimed the PM is “just fixated on his picture” and had parted with 1,200 square km of the region to China. Later at night sources protected the administration’s acquisition of the planes – started in 2011 – and said Mr Gandhi was qualified for “dismissal for the UPA government” however not to his realities. 

Features and details about the new aeroplanes

The sources explained that the planes, which have a place with the Indian Air Force, are not “the PM’s aeroplanes” yet were intended for use by different VVIPs too. Air India One, a uniquely designed Boeing 777 aeroplane for President, VP, PM showed up in Delhi a week ago. 


The cycle of obtaining started in 2011, the sources stated, including that by the next year a between religious gathering had suggested the Boeing 777 after ten masses. The buy request was moved to the Air Force in 2013 and finished for the current year, the sources clarified. 

The planes, they further stated, were intended to supplant those as of now being used. These are more than 25 years of age, “unequipped for long, overseas flights… furthermore, are likewise fuel guzzlers of amazing magnitude”. 


One of the planes – Air India One – arrived at Delhi air terminal a week ago after the COVID pandemic deferred its underlying conveyance. It has furnished with cutting edge rocket safeguard frameworks and Self-Protection Suites (SPS), innovation for which was sold by the US for $190 million. Generally, the planes cost Rs 8,400 crore, as per news organization PTI. 

At present, the President, Vice President and Prime Minister fly on Air India’s B747 planes that are utilized for business traffic when not flying them.



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