Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine Shows 90% Efficacy Agaisnt the Virus in its Trials


Serum Institute in India has received the project; of manufacturing at least 1 billion Novavax COVID-19 vaccine doses. This vaccine is especially getting ready; for middle and low-income countries, including India. However, the vaccine is 90 percent against Coronavirus. It is indeed an encouraging finding for India as well as the whole world.

Novavax Proven 90% Effective in Severe COVID-19 Cases

The company said on Monday; that the Novavax vaccine candidates have shown encouraging results. It is approximately 90 percent effective; against the Coronavirus. The vaccine has shown amazing results; and is a new option for the global community; who are still deprived of the COVID-19 vaccines. Experts said that the vaccine was 90 percent effective; in severe Covid cases. And it was 100 percent effective in preventing moderate symptoms. The trial was conducted with 30,000 volunteers; at the US-based Biotech firm. Serum Institute in India (SII); is supposed to manufacture 1 billion Novavax doses. This is indeed great news for the country.


Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine Shows 90% Efficacy Agaisnt the Virus in its Trials
Source: Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

Also Effective Against Infectious Covid Variants 

The SII has already begun hoarding the Novavax vaccine doses. Moreover, they will sell the vaccine as Covovax after the regulators approve it. The central government in India; expects to access at least 200 million Covid vaccine doses; between August and December. However, the Novavax vaccine is 93 percent effective; against the new Covid variants. Various candidates participated in the vaccine trials. Mostly, it included the UK’s predominant Alpha variant. The Novavax vaccine was highly effective against that variant as well.

It isn’t an mRNA-based Vaccine 


The company said that Novavax will aim at global availability. Countries with low and middle income; will receive the doses first. The vaccine is not developed with the traditional mRNA technology. It is built on a protein-based technology. Moreover, it will act as a rival to the mRNA-based vaccines; especially when booster shots are needed. The Novavax vaccine trials were good; just as the analysts had expected.

Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine Shows 90% Efficacy Agaisnt the Virus in its Trials
Source: BioWorld

More About the Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine 

Novavax is a two-dose vaccine; with an interval of 21 days. It also has some very common side effects. For example, headache, fever, and fatigue. However, the company has not provided any data; on the side effects. During the trials, only one case of the Delta variant was detected. Therefore, the vaccine’s efficacy on that variant isn’t conclusive. And, two cases each of Beta and Gamma; variants were also detected during the trials. Novavax plans to manufacture; at least 100 million doses per month. Hopefully, the vaccine hits the global market soon. It will play an important role; in eradicating the virus on a global basis.

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