North Korea Yet to Record a Single COVID-19 Case, Experts Doubt its Claim


North Korea is one of the countries that has recorded very few or no COVID-19 cases. The country’s guidelines and protocols are so strict that it is almost Covid free. The country told WHO that it has tested almost 30,000 people since June 10, and not a single individual has tested positive. It is yet to find a single person infected with COVID-19.

Yet to Record a Single COVID-19 Case: North Korea tells WHO

North Korea told the World Health Organization that they are yet to find a single COVID-19 patient. The country has tested over 30,000 individuals since June 10, but no one has tested positive. It is one of the countries in the world that hasn’t recorded severe COVID-19 cases. Since the pandemic started, the country has successfully managed to contain the virus. People in the country are bound to follow all the rules and protocols. If not, they will receive severe punishment. This is their country’s law. Dictator Kim Jong-Un has implemented severe COVID-19 protocols in the country.


North Korea Yet to Record a Single COVID-19 Case, Experts Doubt its Claim
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What do WHO’s Reports Suggest? 

According to the WHO data, North Korea tested 733 people between June 4 to June 10. Out of these 733 people, 149 were having influenza-like symptoms. They were suffering from respiratory illness. However, the country has denied these assumptions and stated that they have tested over 30,000 individuals. And so far, no one has tested positive for COVID-19. On the other hand, experts doubt North Korea’s claim.

Scientists and Experts Doubt the Claim of North Korea


Experts do not believe that North Korea hasn’t recorded any positive infections. The country shares porous borders with China. Besides that, it has very poor infrastructure. China is North Korea’s main ally and economic partner. Scientists and experts highly doubt that the country has successfully contained the virus. It is nearly impossible for a country that shares such close borders with China; to not record a single COVID-19 infection.

North Korea Yet to Record a Single COVID-19 Case, Experts Doubt its Claim
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Severe Restrictions in the Country 

North Korea has described its anti-virus efforts as a “matter of national existence”. The country has banned tourists, restricted international trade, etc. to curb the virus spread. However, the dictator also implemented a nationwide lockdown, but that severely affected the country’s economy. Kim Jong-Un told in a recent press conference that he won’t open international trade anytime soon.

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