North Korea warns America of ‘very grave situation’ over President Biden’s speech to Congress


North Korea on Sunday warned the United States delegates that they could be in extreme danger after President Joe Biden’s speech. President Joe Biden in his speech made a blunder by calling the country a security threat. He also unveiled his intent to make a hostile policy against it.

Biden’s Speech Enrages North Korea 

North Korea has portrayed aggression in President Joe Biden’s first speech to Congress. Last week, Biden made his first address to Congress. In his speech, Biden mentioned North Korea and Iran’s nuclear programs as a ‘serious threat’. Biden made it very clear he’ll work with the allies to address those problems through the defense and strict deterrence. He mentioned in his speech that Americans could be in extreme danger due to those threats.


North Korea warns America of 'very grave situation' over President Biden's speech to Congress
Source: KX News

North Korea’s Reply to Biden’s Speech

Senior North Korean Foreign Ministry official, Kwon Jong Gun expressed his views on Biden’s speech. He said that Biden’s statement clearly reflects his intention to keep enforcing the hostile policy towards DPRK. DPRK is an acronym for the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea. The US has continued the hostile policy with North Korea for over a half-century. And President Joe Biden’s speech makes it clear that he wants to extend it further. Kwon also stated that Biden has made a big blunder by including this statement in his speech. Now DPRK will be compelled to press for more corresponding measures against the US. Sooner or later, the US will find itself in a very grave situation.

America’s Plan of Action 

Kwon did not mention any specific steps that DPRK would take against the US. Although, his statement could be seen as the pressure applied on the Biden administration. The White House on Friday mentioned that they have thoroughly reviewed the US’s policy of North Korea. However, they did not mention the findings of the review publicly. But hinted that the Biden administration will find out a way between the approaches of Barack Obama and Donald Trump towards DPRK.

Past Endeavors Between the US and North Korea


Kim Jong Un conducted high-profile nuclear missile testings in 2016-17; and launched a summit with Trump on the future of his growing nuclear arsenal. In January this year, Kim threatened to expand its arsenal and target the US mainland. He also mentioned that the fate of mutual ties depends upon whether the US abandons the hostile policy or not. However, in March, he conducted a short missile test for the first time in the year. On Sunday, an unknown spokesperson from North Korea vowed a strong and separate response to a current US department statement.

North Korea warns America of 'very grave situation' over President Biden's speech to Congress
Source: The Boston Globe

South Korea and its Involvement 

Kim’s sister, Kim Yo Jong has also blamed South Korea for allowing activists to blow anti-North Korea leaflets. An activist group from South Korea had released balloons carrying dollar bills and leaflets. The leaflets denounced the government in Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital. On the other hand, Biden is all set to have his first meeting with South Korean President, Moon Jae-in. Most probably, they will engage in issues related to North Korea.

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