No Plan To Shoot Down Out-Of-Control Chinese Rocket: US Defence Chief


An out-of-control Chinese rocket is heading towards the earth. It was used by China to launch a part of its space station. The situation is worrisome because the rocket could enter the earth’s atmosphere at any time.


No Plan To Shoot Down Out-Of-Control Chinese Rocket: US Defense Chief
Source: Times Live

The US has No Plans to Shoot the Rocket 

The US military denied its plans to shoot down the out-of-control rocket. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin made this very clear that the US has no plans. This Chinese object is heading towards India at a great speed. Austin told the journalists that they have the capability to do a lot of things. Despite those capabilities, they have no plan to shoot down the Chinese rocket. Pentagon experts expect the object to fall on earth by Saturday or Sunday. However, they were unable to predict the exact time or date, where or when the rocket would fall. Although they are hoping it to fall at a safe place so that nobody is harmed. Most probably, they are wishing that it drops in a water body, namely an ocean.

China Silent Over the Issue 


The Chinese have been negligent in letting the rocket fall off orbit. Space missions are supposed to be cooperative and peaceful. Any country should be careful while using the outer space area for international peace. On the other hand, China is silent over this issue. Besides that, a Chinese commentator said that it is extremely normal for rocket debris to return to earth. He further said that most of the debris will burn up in the space. Only a small portion would fall on earth. Potentially, it will fall at a place where no human activities are conducted. He further added that there is no need to worry.

No Plan To Shoot Down Out-Of-Control Chinese Rocket: US Defense Chief
Source: ABC7

Space operations should be conducted with planning and plotting. This rocket incident is an example of misconduct. In addition, space activities should be carried out safely. Make sure there is proper planning before any space mission. A single mistake can sometimes prove hazardous.

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