New Zealand to Open its Borders for International Travelers


New Zealand is quite famous these days; for successfully remaining Covid free for most of the pandemic period. However, the country is planning to curb a few border restrictions and allow travelers.

Covid Free Nation New Zealand to Open its International Borders

New Zealand is planning to open its borders for travelers; after remaining Covid free for months now. The island country has successfully managed to keep the virus and its contagious variants at bay. However, it is a big challenge for the authorities to open up their borders for tourists; after remaining Covid free for all these days. Besides that, the country is well known; for implementing some of the toughest border restrictions in the world. The island nation is currently one of the safest countries to travel and reside in the world currently.


New Zealand to Open its Borders for International Travelers
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Rules and Regulations

Prime Minister Jacinda Arden said in a conference in Wellington; that they are ready to open their borders in early 2022. The government is planning to speed up its vaccination drive and reopen the borders in 2022. People who want to travel to New Zealand will first have to get fully vaccinated. The country will not allow non-vaccinated travelers. However, fully vaccinated travelers; will not even have to go into quarantine. The Prime Minister said that they are planning to vaccinate the citizens at least partially so that they are safe from the contagious variants. Besides that, they want to accelerate their economy and remove the lockdown.

Zero Delta Variant Cases in the Island Nation

So far, New Zealand has not reported a single case of the COVID-19 Delta variant. It is because the country closed its borders in the early days of the pandemic. However, it successfully managed to keep the virus out of the country for quite a long time. Anyone who visited the island nation from a foreign land; had to quarantine there for at least two weeks. Therefore, very few or no COVID-19 cases were reported in the country. So far, the country has witnessed only 26 Covid-related deaths. Moreover, the country is also free from community transmission.

COVID-19 Vaccinations in New Zealand


As a matter of fact, New Zealand is having a very low vaccination rate. So far, only 23 percent of the country’s total population is vaccinated. Henceforth, the government is requesting the citizens get vaccinated as early as possible. The Prime Minister also announced that they will soon roll out the Pfizer jab for adults. Moreover, they will also increase the gap to six weeks from three weeks. This method will help the citizens to get inoculated faster.

New Zealand to Open its Borders for International Travelers

Travelers Pathway

New Zealand has also decided on a pathway; for all the travelers who will enter the country. Firstly, travelers need to get vaccinated. Travelers from low-risk countries need not quarantine; if they are fully vaccinated. Besides that, medium-risk travelers will go through; a combination of self-isolation and managed isolation. Moreover, travelers from high-risk areas need to quarantine for 14 days, regardless of their vaccination status.

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