New Zealand Extends COVID-19 Lockdown Till August 31 Amid Rising Delta Variant Cases


After staying Covid free for months; New Zealand is now witnessing new COVID-19 cases. On Friday, the country’s administration announced; that they are extending the lockdown until August 31. Besides that, they will implement stricter restrictions in Auckland; the epicenter of Coronavirus in the country. The island nation had very nicely tackled the pandemic situation. But a recent incident led the country to the first Covid case in months. However, since then, the country is recording new cases.

New Zealand Extends COVID-19 Lockdown in the Country

The New Zealand Administration; extended the COVID-19 lockdown in the country up to August 31. Besides that, they are implementing stricter restrictions in Auckland, the epicenter of the virus in the country. After remaining Covid free for months; the island nation has started witnessing new cases.


New Zealand Extends COVID-19 Lockdown Till August 31 Amid Rising Delta Variant Cases
Source: The Times

However, if they did not control the situation now; they will have to face worse in the future. For a nation that has witnessed no COVID-19 cases for a long time; this situation is quite difficult to handle. However, the government implemented a nationwide lockdown on August 17 that was supposed to end on Friday. But the authorities have decided to extend the lockdown keeping the present scenario in mind.

Words of the Prime Minister

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Friday; that they are extending the lockdown in the country. New Zealand was one of the few countries that were Covid free during the pandemic. But recently, the country witnessed a COVID-19 Delta variant case in Auckland. While announcing the lockdown extension; the Prime Minister also said that the country might witness a plateau in COVID-19 cases. Henceforth, it is very important to remain cautious; and bring the situation under control. Moreover, she said that the current restrictions are working; but they need to remain more careful. The whole nation will witness a level 4 lockdown.

What is Allowed and What is Not Allowed During the Lockdown?


Under the lockdown restrictions, restaurants and eateries are allowed to open; but with contactless service. Only takeaway service is allowed. No dine-in service is allowed in New Zealand presently. Moreover, people are advised to stay at home; and only step out when necessary. Besides that, companies have also shifted to the work-from-home working method. Public gatherings are restricted to 10 people. Not more than 10 people can gather at one place.

New Zealand Extends COVID-19 Lockdown Till August 31 Amid Rising Delta Variant Cases
Source: CNBC

COVID-19 Situation in New Zealand

New Zealand reported 70 community infections on Friday; taking the total tally to 347. It is evident that the Delta variant is spreading quickly and infecting more and more people. Therefore, the government has implemented a level 4 lockdown across the country. Prime Minister Ardern decided to loosen border restrictions; in order to uplift the country’s economy. But that resulted in a surge of COVID-19 cases in the country. Moreover, the country’s vaccination drive is also moving quite slow.

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