New Zealand Enters Under Strict Lockdown After a Single Virus Case was Detect


New Zealand underwent a three-day strict lockdown after one person tests positive for COVID-19 in the community. The island nation has successfully managed the COVID-19 situation very well since the outbreak. It implemented strict travel restrictions, Covid protocols, etc. The government was even planning to ease its border restrictions. But it seems that day is a bit far for now.

New Zealand Imposes Strict Restrictions After a Person Tests COVID-19 Positive

Amid one single infection detected in the community, New Zealand on Tuesday underwent a strict three-day lockdown. The government has put one of the strictest restrictions in the country to stop the virus from spreading further. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the restrictions on Tuesday. She said that she has seen what happens when a country fails to curb the virus spread. Moreover, she cannot risk it for the people of New Zealand. Although only a single case was detected, that too is a bit worrisome situation for a nation that has managed to remain Covid free for months.


New Zealand Enters Under Strict Lockdown After a Single Virus Case was Detected
Source: BBC

What Restrictions Did the Prime Minister Implement?  

The Prime Minister has implemented a seven-day lockdown in Auckland, the region where the infected man resides. Besides that, she has also implemented the same restrictions in Coromandel, the place where he had visited. Meanwhile, the experts are trying to trace down the source of the man’s infection. The Prime Minister has also implemented a three-day nationwide lockdown. She clearly stated that she is not going to take any chance and the virus spread further. New Zealand has managed to keep the virus at bay for months now. But this single infection has brought the authorities to a state of worry.

COVID-19 Situation in New Zealand 


The last infection in New Zealand was detected in February this year. Since then, the island nation has managed the Covid situation very well. But Ardern has continuously warned the citizens of the wide-spreading Delta variant across the world. However, the COVID-19 vaccination drive in the country is also running quite slow. So far, only 32 percent of the total population has received one dose of the Covid vaccine. On the other hand, only 18 percent of the total population is fully vaccinated.

New Zealand Enters Under Strict Lockdown After a Single Virus Case was Detected
Source: WDTN

Do’s and Dont’s in the Lockdown

The lockdown in New Zealand begins from Tuesday midnight. People can only leave their houses if they want to buy groceries or any other essential item. Besides that, they cannot meet anyone outside. It is better for people to stay at home in order to stop the virus from spreading further. The island nation has reported only 26 cases since the pandemic started. During the lockdown period, the vaccination drive is also put on hold.

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