New Shepard Spacecraft with Lunar Landing Technology to Take Off Today


Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin is all set to launch New Shepard Spacecraft on August 26, Thursday from West Texas. Even though the space company is not on good terms with NASA, it is launching today with NASA’s lunar landing technology demonstration. Not long ago, Jeff Bezos’ space company filed a lawsuit against the US government over NASA’s $2.89 contract to Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

Blue Origin to Launch New Shepard Spacecraft Again Today

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin is launching its New Shepard Spacecraft for the fourth time this year on Thursday. However, this is the company’s fourth program for the New Shepard flight this year and the 8th flight for this particular vehicle. The company said in a recent statement that this flight is dedicated to scientific and research cargos beyond space. Also known as NS-17, the flight is all set to launch into space on August 26, Thursday.


New Shepard Rocket with Lunar Landing Technology to Take Off Today
Source: SpaceNews

When will it take off and How to Watch it?

After its debut flight into space last month, Blue Origin is launching an uncrewed New Shepard Spacecraft this time. It is primarily focusing on scientific payloads. The NS-17 will take off from the company’s facility in West Texas at 9:35 AM EDT. Moreover, the company is giving the viewers the privilege to watch the take-off live. You can stream it live on the company’s official website. There are 18 commercial payloads on board the spacecraft, out of which 11 are NASA’s sponsored experiments.

More About the New Shepard Spacecraft


In July this year, the New Shepard spacecraft carried Jeff Bezos and his brother Mark to space. Besides the Bezos brothers, there were other people in the spacecraft as well. So far, the company has flown more than 100 payloads to space across 11 flights. The spacecraft is 60-foot tall and features a fully autonomous capsule that needs no instructions from inside the spacecraft.

New Shepard Rocket with Lunar Landing Technology to Take Off Today
Source: Spaceflight Now

Jeff Bezos’ flight to space was a successful one. Wally Funk, a former astronaut also accompanied Bezos on his trip to space. However, the company said in a statement that it is testing out the lunar landing technologies further. This technique might help a lot in the future. Moreover, the spacecraft will also feature a Suborbital Triptych, a series of three portraits. The portraits are the masterpiece of Ghanaian artist Amoako Boafo. It captures the artist, his mother, and his friend’s mother. Hopefully, this new technology will create space for more opportunities in the future.

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