New Covid Variant Detected in the UK, 16 Cases Reported So Far


A new Covid variant is detected in the UK and 16 cases are already spotted so far. We all know that viruses mutate and change themselves. However, some mutate into very severe and dangerous variants while some are not that hazardous. Over the past year, we have seen COVID-19 mutating throughout the world and new variants coming up. What is up with this new variant? Is it deadly? Should people remain cautious? Here’s what you need to know about this new variant.

A New Covid Variant Spotted in the UK

Public Health England has identified a new Covid variant recently. So far, 16 people are already infected with that variant too. However, experts are trying to find more about this variant in order to ensure how deadly it is. The country on Wednesday declared this variant as a “variant under investigation” and is trying to know more about this new emerging COVID-19 variant. Known as the B.1.621, the variant is completely new and there isn’t much information about it.


New Covid Variant Detected in the UK, 16 Cases Reported So Far
Source: KMBC

What do we know about the Variant So Far?

So far, we don’t have much information about the new Covid variant. All we know about it is that it was first detected in Columbia in January this year. Besides that, we know that the United Kingdom has reported sixteen cases of this variant and it is now under investigation. The authorities have clarified that they don’t have much information about this new variant. And there is no evidence that suggests it is deadly or hazardous. Moreover, they don’t know whether COVID-19 vaccines work on this variant or not.

Is this Variant New for the Entire World?


The B.1.621 COVID-19 variant is new to the United Kingdom but not to the world. As mentioned above, the variant was first detected in Columbia in January this year. Sources say that most of the cases of this new Covid variant are related to overseas travel. There is no such evidence that indicates community transmission.

New Covid Variant Detected in the UK, 16 Cases Reported So Far
Source: The Economic Times

However, the experts and authorities are investigating this new variant and hopefully, they come up with details soon. Then only people will know whether to fear this new variant or not.

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