Nevertheless Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed the Second Season?


K-drama lovers are curious to know the status of Nevertheless Season 2. The South Korean romantic drama came to Netflix this June and won the viewers’ hearts. After the debut season finished airing, people are actually snooping about the renewal of the show? Will Netflix renew it for a second season? Is there any chance? Here’s everything we know about the second installment.

Nevertheless Season 2 Renewal Status

So far, Netflix has not renewed Nevertheless Season 2. Although the series managed to win hearts worldwide, the ratings steadily fell in South Korea. This drama is quite different from what K-dramas usually portray. As a matter of fact, Netflix is yet to make an official statement regarding the show. Whether it will renew it for a second season or it will cancel the show after the debut season, is still a mystery. However, the show should get another season. The story of the drama is what some people actually relate to in real life.


Nevertheless Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed the Second Season?
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Release Date

As mentioned above, Netflix has not yet renewed Nevertheless Season 2. So, we don’t have a release date. Besides that, the falling ratings in South Korea are a matter of concern. However, there are high chances of renewal because the story is quite relatable to some viewers. The plot revolves around two people who refrain from falling in love or getting into a relationship. Both of them have had a rough past and have their own reasons for not getting committed again. Moreover, the show looks at love, relationship, commitment, and romance from different angles. And this is what flattered the viewers. Hopefully, it gets renewed soon. We will keep you updated.

Expected Cast

We are expecting the main cast from the first season to reprise their roles in Nevertheless Season 2. If the show gets renewed and returns with a second installment, we expect to see the following people:

  1. Park Jae Kong as Song Kang
  2. Yoo Na-bi as Han So-Hee
  3. Yang Do-Hyeok as Chae Jong-Hyeop
  4. Yoon Seol-ah as Lee Yul-Eum
  5. Oh Bit-na as Yang Hye-ji
  6. Yoon Sol as Lee Ho-Jung
  7. Seo Ji-Wan as Yoon Seo-ah

However, Nam Gyu-Hyun might not return in the second season because of some controversies.

Nevertheless Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed the Second Season?
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What Can Fans Expect from Nevertheless Season 2?

Towards the end of the first season, Na-bi and Jae-eon break up, but they are not over each other. Meanwhile, Na-bi prepares for her exhibition but her mind is not at its place. She is not able to focus on anything apart from Jae-eon. Amid these situations, it is Do-Hyeok who is always on her side. In the end, we see Jae-eon staring at Na-bi’s art all alone during the exhibition. Henceforth, Na-bi realizes that he is not over her yet and decides to give him another chance. In Nevertheless Season 2, we will see what happens next. The next season will take their relationship to another level and we are quite excited about it.

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