Negative RT-PCR Test Is Compulsory For Passengers From The UK


Every passenger coming from the UK via transit planes would have to receive RT-PCR tests plus those found to be active for Covid-19 would be separated at an isolated institutional facility, the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of the Health Ministry said on Tuesday in the effect of the lastest coronavirus type identified in the United Kingdom.

India has halted all UK passenger flights from Wednesday until 31 December. There, in the aftermath of the discovery of a mutated form of the infection, many other nations joined together, enforcing the same type of flight restriction.

The SOP provided for epidemiological surveillance by the Health ministry defines the activities that should be carried out at ports for all passengers traveling from or transiting via the United Kingdom between 25 November and 23 December.


Negative RT-PCR report, mandatory testing: Government issues revised guidelines for international ar- The New Indian Express
New Indian Express

It reported that, according to the current procedure, all travelers from the UK would be required to declare their recent travel history and fill in the self-declaration form for Covid-19 to be screened.

All travelers arriving from the United Kingdom from 21 to 23 December will be exposed to the RT-PCR test upon entry. According to the SOP, the assessments will be carried out by the corresponding state governments. Those with negative RT-PCR tests would be recommended to isolate themselves at their home.

Travelers found to be positive shall be segregated in a standalone module at the administrative center, coordinated by the corresponding state health authorities. For such separation and care, they will allocate separate facilities, the SOP said.


In the case of a positive sample, a spike gene-based RT-PCR test must also be conducted by a suitable lab, as suggested by the health ministry.

More About Travellers From The UK:

Interactions of these travelers from UK who have been found to be positive for Covid-19 during airport testing will also be prone to institutional quarantine and screened in compliance with the guidelines provided by the Indian Medical Research Council (ICMR).

“Necessary action to send the samples to the National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune, or any other appropriate lab for genomic sequencing will be initiated at the facility level,” the statement said.

If the sequencing report is compatible with the existing genome of the SARS-CoV-2 virus existing in the region, the ongoing care protocol may be pursued, including home isolation and treatment at the facility level as a function of the case severity, the SOP noted.

“In case the sample is found positive on the 14th day, the further sample may be taken until his two consecutive samples taken 24 hours apart are tested negative,” the instructions stated.

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