Neeraj Dhanetwal is drawing today’s youth attention towards Web Marketing .


In his words “ A goal without a timeline is just a dream”. This is a story of a very passionate, dedicated, self-containment digital trafficker who has established his profession with his own character. One of the best people to get inspiration from. He states that little did he know about this automation but with time, little by little, he learned the perfect art of online marketing. There were drawbacks but he never gives up, he remained stuck to his ability to want he wanted to be. This developer and coder have created a history by inspiring more than 60 million humankind towards his field for a better India. This blogger chose the path of computer coding that gives a new perspective to problem-solving and offers career flexibility and there is huge scope in such fields as India needs skillful minds like Neeraj Dhanetwal for better technology development.


Crossing numerous hurdles in his life. From personal to professional this man made it work, he made it happen because giving up was never his choice. He is such an inspiration one can reflect upon his or her life and can learn the skills which will help them to inculcate their talents to an extent. Talking little about his hurdles, this man belongs to a middle-class family with government schooling and having little interest in computing until he started exploring it. Problems are part of life there will be up and downs but remember what breaks you is what makes you as there were also several drawbacks in his life with this unique field. Digital marketing as an occupation was not only set in his heart but also mind. He never questioned himself should he switch to another occupation. Therefore he also expires others to have confidence in their steps, in their life.

The path of your dreams is never easy but how you confined yourself to walk through it makes it easier. This young youth with little capital has now captivated the core of Digital marketing and is now the man of his dreams.


“I always wanted to become the man of my dreams, a man who is very fascinated towards development, and being a developer is the best choice I can never regret.” Neeraj Dhanetwal

You can never predict your results but you have to show your hundred percent we can very well understand this fact from this young sensation. He has created milestones and has set the best example of a perfectionist. “You can’t be so sure in the beginning but once you are devoted towards it your heart and mind sync together towards the work” – Neeraj Dhanetwal

He is the best example of ‘Do what you love and love what you do’


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