Neera Tanden Nomination By Biden Criticized By Republican Senators


The decision by President-elect Joe Biden to nominate Neera Tanden has faced opposition from the Republicans. Biden had nominated Tanden as his Director for Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Many top Republicans have publicly opposed Biden’s pick. Reports suggest this is due to her “combative and insulting comments” regarding many Senate members.

If the Senate decides to pick her, Tanden will be the first woman of color and the first Indian American to take charge of the OMB.

Biden said that Neera Tanden is a brilliant policy mind with critical practical experience across governments. Tanden has put major emphasis to seek policies designed to assist working families, foster broad-based economic growth, and check rampant inequality in the US.

The OMB aims to serve the President of the United States and look after the President’s vision and its application across the Executive Branch. The OMB’s main focus is to support the President in fulfilling the objectives of his policy, budget, management, and regulatory duties. It also acts upon the fulfillment of the agency’s statutory responsibilities.

Senator John Cornyn has said that Tanden is by far the worst nominee of Biden. Cornyn is an important figure and also the co-chairperson of the Senate India Caucus. Regarding her nomination, he said, “I think in light of her combative and insulting comments about many members of the Senate, mainly on our side of the aisle, that it creates certainly a problematic path to confirmation.”

Tanden has been quite vocal about Trump and Republican Senators on Twitter


While speaking to the press, Cornyn said that Tanden had deleted a lot of her previous tweets in the last couple of weeks which seemed juvenile. He also added that it seemed like she did it so people wouldn’t have access to them.

Moreover, Cornyn said that he was a little surprised that Joe Biden didn’t even consult with any Republicans. “Some of this can be avoided with a little bit of a heads up and consultation,” said Cornyn.

Cornyn has tweeted that Tanden allegedly had deleted more than 1,000 tweets. This also includes a tweet criticizing the Republicans.

Currently, there are 50 senators in the Republican Party in the 100-member US Senate. While the Democrats have 48 senators. On January 5, elections for the two Senate seats will take place in Georgia.

Tanden has been quite vocal on Twitter over the years. She has criticized Donald Trump and several Republican senators in the past.

According to reports, Tanden has also referred to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as ‘Moscow Mitch’. Reports say she has deleted most of her tweets that were critical towards the Republican Senators.


The Washington Examiner reported that Tanden had deleted over thousand of her tweets in expectation of a tough confirmation vote.

Senators John Thune and Rick Scott have also been critical of Tanden’s nomination by Joe Biden. Thune has said that Tanden has been pretty partisan in some of her previous positions. Scott said about Tanden that she is “a big-government, big-spending radical liberal who’s a terrible choice for OMB Director.”

Many Senators have also appreciated her nomination

However, this has not been the case with a few top Democratic senators. They seem to respect the decision by Biden to nominate her.

“Neera Tanden, who would be the first woman of color to ever run the Office of Management and Budget, is so eminently qualified that some on the Republican side—grasping at straws—have taken issue with comments made on Twitter criticizing the policy positions of Republicans in Congress,” said Chuck Schumer, a Democrat. Schumer is also the Senate Minority Leader.

Senator Mazie K Hirono has also praised Tanden. She said Tanden is a highly qualified nominee whose professional and lived experience made her an accomplished choice to lead OMB.

Steny H Hoyer asserted that Tanden would be a tremendous asset to President-elect Biden as he works with Congress to invest in a stronger economy for all Americans. Hoyer is the House Majority Leader and has worked with Tanden closely.

Source: The Hindustan Times

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