NCP Leader: China Puts Two Solutions To Resolve Political Crisis In Nepal


A high-level Chinese delegation is held parallel chats with leading members of the warring factions of the Nepal Communist Party in its urgent attempt to avert a vertical divider in the ruling party. It has proposed two possible solutions to overcome the present political situation throughout Nepal, a top Nepalese official said on Tuesday.

After Prime Minister Oli, famous for his pro-Beijing leanings, in a surprising twist, Nepal collapsed into a political turmoil. It proposed the dissolution of the 275-member House on December 20, in the middle of a power tussle with former Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda.’ President Bidya Devi Bhandari, acting on the advice of Oli, dissolved the House the same day.

He also declared new elections on April 30 and May 10 in the upcoming year. There is sparking opposition and protest from a large part of the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) itself. This is led by Prachanda who is also a member of the party in the rule.


China suggests two possible solutions to resolve political crisis in Nepal: NCP

The four-member group led by Vice Leader of the Foreign Department of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) Guo Yezhou. He knew all senior NCP leaders personally, was hurried by a wary China to Kathmandu to help repair disagreements between the warring leaders of Nepal. This was after their high-profile Nepali Ambassador Hou Yanqi was unable to sort out differences between them.

Guo, who reached on a four-day tour on Sunday, remained busy in a hectic meeting with top NCP leaders conducted to assess the recent political situation in Nepal and ensuring efforts to bring the two rival parties of the governing party together.

Two Solutions By China On Nepal Crisis:

With the vertical division in the NCP in Nepal into rival sides, China is concerned primarily about the weaker communist presence in South Asia – one led by Oli and the other by Prachanda, political observers have noted here.


To explain the existing political crisis in Nepal, China has proposed two potential solutions, he called out.

The dissolved House could be restored under ‘Plan A‘ through the verdict of the Supreme Court followed by the reunification of the rival sides, he said on asked to remain anonymous.

The Chinese leader has recommended senior NCP officials, if Parliament is restored, to send Prime Minister Oli an alternative.

If the first choice is not feasible, he said, the ‘Plan B‘ will be to contest the mid-term election between all the communist powers of Nepal via an electoral alliance.

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