Navillera Episode 11: Release Date, Spoilers and Much More


Navillera Episode 10 revolved around Deok-Chul and his family coming to terms with his condition. The truth of his Alzheimer’s is now known to most of his acquaintances. How will they react? In what ways will they cope up with the situation? Will Deok-Chul be able to fulfill his dreams? Despite his memory issue, will he give up his love for ballet? The next episode, that is episode 11 will deal with all these questions. Navillera episode 11, the second last episode of the series is going to be an emotional one. The series has been emotional for its viewers since the last couple of episodes. Given below is a brief of what can be expected from Navillera Episode 11.

Navillera Episode 11
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Release date of Navillera Episode 11 


Navillera Episode 11 will be aired on Monday, April 26th at 3 am ET on Netflix. Two new episodes, each 60-70 minutes long have been releasing on Mondays and Tuesdays every week. Episode 12 will be the final episode of the series. Therefore, episode 11 will premiere before the finale. Navillera teaser.

Where to watch Navillera Episode 11? 

Netflix users can easily watch Navillera Episode 11 on April 26th globally. Besides that, the show also airs on the South Korean channel TvN network. For international viewers, Netflix is the only option to stream Navillera online. Apart from Netflix, no other OTT platform streams Navillera.

What will happen in the next episode?


Most probably in Navillera episode 11, Chae-Rok will continue working hard with Deok-Chul. They will be training passionately as the performance is growing closer. Deok-Chul is extremely excited as he is finally going to give a stage performance. Moreover, his family is also supportive of him now. His wife tells him to dance his heart out on the stage. She blesses him for his dance performance. Meanwhile, Deok-Chul apologizes to Chae-Rok saying that his condition is only going to get worse day by day. Chae-Rok sympathizes with Deok-Chul and says that even if she forgets him, he will remember him always. There is going be an emotional breakdown in Navillera episode 11. Viewers are going to witness a plethora of emotions in the last two episodes of the show.

Navillera Episode 11
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Navillera Episode 10 Recap 

Episode 10 opens with lee Mu-Yeong apologizing to Ho-Beom. But it seems it is not that easy to convince Ho-Beom, especially when the culprit has ruined life’s trajectory. It seems as if Ho-Beom will need some more time to get things out of his head. On the other hand, engaged in an argument, Chae-Rok tells Deok-Chul to quit ballet. Hae-Nam overhears the conversation between Chae-Rok and Deok-Chul and comes to know about his Alzheimer’s condition. The memory of Deok-Chul starts fading away. He forgets to switch off the hob and leaves the house to buy shoes. The next day, Deok-Chul goes missing but is found and brought back home by Seong-San.

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