NASA Predicts Moon’s “Wobble” will Cause Devastating Floods in the 2030s


National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has found a “wobble” in the moon’s orbit. Besides that, they have also predicted that rising sea levels will lead to devastating floods in the 2030s.

NASA Predicts Nuisance Floods in the 2030s

According to NASA, there is a “wobble” in the moon’s orbit and the rising sea levels will lead to disturbing floods in the 2030s. Moreover, the study suggests that the phenomenon will become quite frequent and unreliable in the future. Referring to the natural phenomenon as “nuisance floods”, the study suggests that it will have a major impact on the US coastline. However, the main problem that arises is not the wobble. But the main issue is its combination with the rising sea level.


NASA Predicts Moon's "Wobble" will Cause Devastating Floods in the 2030s
Source: The Sun

What are the Expert’s Opinions?

Phil Thompson, the study’s lead author said that wobbles are quite common. They are not a concerning issue but this one is a bit different. As mentioned above, the main problem is not the wobble. However, the main subject is its combination with the rising sea level due to the planet’s warming. Thompson is an assistant professor at the University of Hawaii. He said that the wobble in the moon’s orbit takes 18.6 years to develop. Moreover, according to NASA, this wobble is expected to occur in the 2030s.

What is this Wobble Actually According to NASA?


NASA has given a brief description regarding the wobble in the moon’s orbit on its website. When the moon makes its elliptical orbit, its velocity diverges and amends. This changes the perspective of the human eye and it feels as if the light side differs at different angles. Henceforth, this is what we call the moon’s “wobble”.

NASA Predicts Moon's "Wobble" will Cause Devastating Floods in the 2030s
Source: NewsCrab

Moon’s Orbit and the Change in Sea Levels

There is a very interesting relation between the moon’s orbit and the earth’s sea levels. During the first half of the moon’s 18.6 years orbit period, the earth’s tides are repressed. Usually, lower tides are higher usual and high tides are lower than normal. On the other hand, in the other half, the situation is reversed. However, NASA has called this phenomenon as the “tide-amplifying phase of the moon”.

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