Narendra Dagar: On How He Plans to Revolutionise The B2B e-Commerce Space


Narendra Dagar is the co-founder of FirstBox. Before we get into the details of what FirstBox is, we must understand what is the idea behind the origin of FirstBox and also, know about the people involved in this field. FirstBox is the result of the combined collaboration between Narendra Dagar and also, Aayush Rana. But, at the end of the day, both are to be equally credited for the success and the motivation behind this wonderful platform. The expectations behind FirstBox have created quite a hype and so, marketers are waiting for the release of the product.


So, the B2B space has introduced quite a number of additional charges when it comes to the sale of products and this makes the rate of the product quite high and hence, the vendor is not able to gain as much as he or she deserves. Now, while under ordinary circumstances, a similar idea wouldn’t have worked, Narendra Dagar invested in something that has the capability to change and revolutionize the entire B2B e-commerce space in the nation and also, around the entire world. Narendra Dagar always had the eye to figure out what would be beneficial in the longer run.

What Makes FirstBox Unique?


FirstBox has not the first B2B e-commerce online store but, it is definitely the one with the pricing and the facilities that can attract small-scale businesses with quite low-level resources. This is the main reason why the market is buzzing with the release of FirstBox. FirstBox can bring about the change that the small-scale vendors and investors were waiting for. The platform has great potential and at the end of the day, this is what matters. The higher the number of people this platform helps, the more reliable it is.

FirstBox is a promising product as it only seeks a membership payment for the brand value. Once the vendor is a member of the brand, he or she can enjoy all the perks of being a member. This means that if any member wants to store his product in the warehouse of the brand, it is quite easily done. But, there is a chance that a minimal amount is to be paid for the security service that the brand will provide at the warehouse. This kind of tight-knit environment is the creation of the brilliant mind of Narendra Dagar and also, Aayush Rana, and they are destined for success.


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