Mumbai Records The Highest December Temperature After A Decade.


Recently, apart from coronavirus, Mumbai has made headlines. Meanwhile, the Santacruz weather observatory representative of the Suburbs and Mumbai reported the second-highest minimum temperature in December month. It came to the limelight, as it hits after a decade. However, according to the India Meteorological Department; Mumbai’s weather in December increases five degrees celsius compared to the normal temperature.

History of highest minimum temperatures in Mumbai:

Speaking of decades and decades, the highest minimum temperature experienced by Mumbai people in the past decade is listed below:

In 2008, Mumbai had recorded a temperature of 25.2 degrees celsius.

Starting from 2009 to 2018; in these years, the highest minimum temperature ranges between 20.8 degrees Celsius and 23.6 degrees celsius.


In 2019, Mumbai recorded 25.3 degrees celsius equable temperature on December 5. This was almost akin to the minimum temperature on December 2nd, 2013, and to that of ten years ago temperature. Which are actually the highest in ten years.

Mumbai weather forecast

Moreover, the highest minimum temperature reported so far in a decade is the recent one. On Tuesday, that is on 29th December 2020, the maximum temperature was noted to be 35.8 degrees celsius. On December 3rd, 2019, the maximum temperature was noted to be 35.1 degrees celsius.

What is the highest maximum temperature in December 2020?

The highest temperature scaled over the past decade in December month was on December 1st, 2015 with a record of 36.5 degrees celsius.

Coming to 2012, the highest maximum temperature was on December 6th with 36.3 degrees celsius.

Jumping to 2016, the highest maximum temperature was on December 5th with 36.2 degrees celsius.


In the meantime, the all-time high maximum temperature was recorded on 4th December 1987, at 39.8 degrees celsius.

Subsequently, on December 6th, 2008, recorded the highest maximum temperature at 39.8 degrees celsius.

Mumbai weather forecast
Mumbai weather forecast

Why Mumbai facing a sudden gust of warmness?

Regarding the increase, the weather bureau stated “Temperatures are expected to decline by the third week of December ad a shift in wind pattern is expected by then”. On the other hand, the air quality index is at a moderate stage, confirming that the air in the city is satisfactory. Having said that, a few researchers claim that increase in temperature is due to the dust carried by easterly winds. Thereby the combination of calm winds and easterly winds engenders a rise in pollution .

Meanwhile, one of the representatives of South Mumbai, Colaba reported the minimum temperature on Tuesday at 25 degrees celsius. The temperature is three degrees Celsius above the usual.

Moreover, the temperature rise is followed by one day on the warmest of November month. The average maximum temperature of November was 34.3 degrees celsius. And the average minimum temperature of November was 21.8 degrees celsius.



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