Mudit Khandelwal: Living example of Age is no barrier being an entrepreneur


Does work ever see your age? There are no age limitations on works you can do and can’t, staying with inside the laws. If you are willing to make something happen, you will put in all your efforts and make sure that it does happen. But there must be huge level of dedication to it. Only wishing for it, is nothing. You need to have that fire in you. On 20th May, 2002, such fire, Mudit Khandelwal, was born, in the city of Delhi, India. With the desire to do something, Mudit opted field of digital marketing and has established himself as a young entrepreneur successfully.


Mudit has been in this field of digital marketing since early age. If you ask a student of grade 8, what programming is and perform programming? He will stop at some point of time because he knows no more, he has not been taught anything more. He will surely solve what he has taught. But he can’t go beyond to try. But Mudit was an exception to it. He started digital marketing when he was in 8th and has never looked back then. He has been moving ahead and ahead. As a reward to his excellent works, he has been provided with a Google digital marketing certificate. Also, he gets paid reasonably well for works he does.

Mudit has been able to capture the online digital marketing field on his own and has taken it to whole new level. He has set very high standards even for himself, to maintain which he himself always needs to give his best. Anything less, not sure if it does work. As a courtesy of efforts he puts onto his works, his online business has been expanding and there have been significant growth in his blogs. He has got huge number of national and international clients all because of his good works. He is doing digital marketing and its maintenance works for them. Mudit has been featured in several top publications as well at such young age. Not only this, his works have helped big companies to make good profits.


COVID resulted in lockdown and severe loss to the economy of the country. However, Mudit didn’t stop his hard work. Hard work definitely pays off. So, he continued to keep up with his good work. He earned good amount of money therefore even during COVID. A normal person will spend his/her money and waste it for no good cause, not everyone but mostly as seen. But Mudit invested it in offline businesses and is planning to utilize his skills full and expand offline businesses as well.

If you are wondering how can he do these things at such young age of 18? You will get shocked when you will know he is also a web entrepreneur, content creator, web designer. How can a person do all these things at a time? Commitment, dedication to things one does is the key to this.


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