Moorebot launches the Compact Autonomous Scout Robot at the CES 2021


Remember Aibo the dog robot? It seems that pet companion robots are being rolled out more today. Today at CES Moorebot announced their new compact autonomous Scout Robot. This little guy is chocked full of tech capabilities and incredible potential thanks to its modular design and open-source code.

Moorebot is famous for making cool robot applications like Hubble HUGO Baby Cam and the ZEUS fighting robot and they look to expand their products with this handy bot.

“The Moorebot Scout is an autonomous AI robot that lets you monitor, discover, and explore the world around you,” says Jun Ye, CEO at Moorebot at Pilot Labs. “Scout’s applications range from an intelligent mobile home camera, a pet companion, a surveillance tool for handyman, and an inspiring, modern learning toy for kids.”

Features of the Scout Robot:


Moorebot capabilities include Smart Home integration with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, a monocular SLAM (simultaneous translation and mapping), and an audio-visual system that allows Scout to recognize, track, and interact with individual people and pets.

Scout can be used to observe remote pets and make friends. If you’re worried about your pet’s well-being while away from home, Scout is there to help take care of it, and the two-way audio feature lets you listen and talk to your pet.

Its size (70mm x 100mm x 110mm – 2.8inches x 4 inches x 4.3 inches) allows it to reach hard to reach locations and give its users great new perspectives thanks to its 1080P FHD camera and night vision.

The Scout can last well over 2 hours on a charge and will always find its way back to its re-charge cradle.


Moorebot Scout’s modular design means that users, young and old, are not worried because they can create unique applications.

Scout also has an Open-source code that allows programmers to develop and implement even more complex AI features. And complement the device with a 3D printer that can be attached to the Scout, from a robot arm, UV sterilizer, pet feeders, and much more.

The Moorebot Scout has High privacy and security Privacy is ensured by highly secure internet communications using TUTK’s Peer-to-Peer protocol, one of the safest video streaming services available.

The Scout will retail for $ 179, or around $ 5,550. If interested, visit Amazon and the Moorebot website, which will be available in March / April 2021.

Specifications of the Robot:

  • Core system: Quad ARM CPU @1.2GHz, 1GB DDR III memory, 4GB Flash.
  • Dual-band WiFi, 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz, and 5GHz.
  • FHD camera (1080P) with IR-cut night vision, 3W IR lighting torch.
  • A 4-wheel drive (4WD) with high-performance DC motors.
  • 4 mecanum wheels.
  • Advanced Sensors: 9DoF IMU, Time-to-Flight (ToF), Light sensor.
  • Audio: 1x microphone, 1x 1W speaker.
  • UART extension port.
  • Battery: 1x 16850 Li-on battery.
  • Standalone Charging Port with short circuit protection.
  • Operation System: Linux + ROS, open source.


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