Modi To Justin Trudeau: India Will Try Utmost To Provide Vaccines To Canada


On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told his Canadian colleague or Prime minister Justin Trudeau that India will do its utmost to encourage deliveries of Canada’s sought-after COVID vaccines.

According to a Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) tweet, PM Trudeau made a telephone call to the Prime Minister. Trudeau said that if the world succeeded to overcome COVID-19, it would be important because of India’s enormous medicinal potential and PM Modi’s role in sharing this ability with the globe.

During the call, Prime Minister Trudeau told PM Modi of the specifications for India’s COVID-19 vaccine in Canada.


Prime Minister Modi told his Canadian counterpart that, just as he had already provided for several other nations, India will do its best possible to help Canada’s vaccination initiatives.

More About Talks Between Modi And Trudeau:

PM Modi said in a tweet, “Was happy to receive a call from my friend Justin Trudeau. Assured him that India would do its best to facilitate supplies of COVID vaccines sought by Canada”.

“We also agreed to continue collaborating on other important issues like Climate Change and the global economic recovery,” he added.

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The two leaders have affirmed a similar viewpoint on several significant geopolitical problems held by India and Canada. In the battle against global problems such as climate change and the economic implications of the pandemic, they vowed to extend close cooperation between the two countries, the PMO said.


The leaders looked forward more to see one another later this year at various major international forums. They expected continuing their talks on all issues of common concern, he said.

India is one of the world’s largest drug manufacturers and has already been contacted by a large number of countries to procure coronavirus vaccines.

Speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Anurag Srivastava said last week that India had sent 56 lakh doses of coronavirus shots to a number of countries under concessions of help. On the other hand, 100 lakh doses were sent in industrial supplies.

A major coronavirus vaccination campaign has already been introduced by India in which two vaccines, Covishield and Covaxin, are being distributed across the nation to frontline health staff.

Though Oxford-Covishield AstraZeneca’s is manufactured by the Serum Institute of India, Bharat Biotech manufactures Covaxin.

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