Modi On Coronavirus Vaccine: “Tika Utsav” From April 11-14


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged all state and union territory chief ministers to organise a “Tika Utsav,” or vaccine festival, to protect as many people as possible from the coronavirus.

“Can we celebrate Tika Utsav from April 11 to April 14? During this time, we should vaccinate as many eligible people as possible and target zero vaccine wastage” he said. He was at a meeting with all state chief ministers on the coronavirus situation.

PM Modi also urged the chief ministers to step up their anti-coronavirus efforts in the coming weeks to stem the virus’s spread.


“There is a need to improve the governance system. I understand that because of the one-year battle, the system can experience tiredness and there can be laxity, but we must tighten it for 2-3 weeks and strengthen the governance,” he said at the meeting.

PM Modi stressed the importance of building micro-containment zones and increasing testing during the meeting.

Coronavirus Cases And Vaccinations In India:

“We must concentrate on micro-containment zones. In places where night curfew has been imposed, I would urge you to use the word ‘Corona Curfew’, to continue alertness about coronavirus. It will be better to start curfew timing from 9 pm or 10 pm till 5 am or 6 am,” he added.

Coronavirus Lockdown news live: Night curfew in Noida, Ghaziabad from 10pm to 5am


PM Modi also emphasised the importance of implementing interventions such as testing, tracking, treating, Covid-appropriate conduct, and Covid management in order to stem the tide.

“I appeal to you all to stress on COVID-19 testing. Our target is to do 70% RT-PCR tests. Let the number of positive cases come high, but do maximum testing. Proper sample collection is very important, it can be checked through proper governance,” he said.

On Thursday, India announced 1.26 lakh coronavirus cases, the highest single-day figure ever.

The second wave of infections has been attributed to new coronavirus strains and people’s disregard for anti-Covid laws, according to experts.

Several states have complained about vaccine shortages, prompting the conference. The arguments have been refuted by the centre.

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