Modi Government Plans To Amend Women’s Legal Age of Marriage


Modi government plans on revising and amending the legal age of women’s marriage. During the Prime Minister’s address on account of the 75th anniversary of the FAO, he announced that his government is planning to alter the legal marriage age. The central government has already set up a committee to reconsider the age. Currently, in India, the legal age of marriage for women is 18. If a girl is married, it comes under the legal radar of child marriage, which is against the law.

The committee was set up on June 2, 2020. The Union Ministry for Women and Child Development took upon itself to re-change the game considering the rising maternal mortality ratio and improving the nutrition levels among them. The head of the Committee is Jaya Jaitely. The Committee, other than revising the legal age, will also look into crucial matters when it comes o women’s health. These include medical well-being, nutrition of mother and child, during pregnancy, and after. The parameters like Infant Mortality ratio, Maternal Mortality Ratio, Total fertility Rate, and Child Sex ratio want to induce the game up at 21 years, the same as men’s age.


The Modi government to revise the legal age of marriage of women
Source: The Logical Indian

PM Modi’s address on the topic

The Modi government said that due to an increase in girls’ gross enrollment ratio in education in recent years than men, the government has decided to do so. During the video conference speech at the Food and Agricultural Organization, he raised the issue. He said, “There is an important deliberation going on to decide what should be the ideal age of marriage for daughters.”

The Modi government is ecstatic to know that the steps government took in recent years made girls exceed boys. PM Modi also pointed out that his government has been receiving letters from all across the country. The women want to know what the government and the committee will do about it. For this, he said that the Modi government will soon offer them concrete deliberations of the committee.


The Modi government to revise the legal age of marriage of women
Source: India TV News

The initiatives taken by the Modi government

The government has stressed upon malnutrition over the past few years. The starting of the National Nutrition Mission is the result of that. This mission will target nutritional intake increase all across the nation. Other than nutrition, the Modi government has also put the focus on sanitization. All these focus on empowering people, especially in rural areas. The increase in the education levels in villages is commendable. Little girls are doing so much when it comes to education and we see such talent emerging from little homes.

This makes the decision of the government to revise the legal age of women commendable. However, the word ‘revise’ also makes us think deeply. It takes us back to all the times when the Modi government planned on revising something and it came back way worse. So, the only fear with the entire decision is that the legal age should not be shifted back. If the committee decides to increment the legal age to 21 years or more, that will definitely empower women, truly, and not only in rhetorical terms. However, we hope that the government does not take any decision that further binds the sex that is trying hard every day to walk freely.


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