Mirzapur Season 3: The Crime Has Just Begun.


Mirzapur Season 3 automatically becomes a case that all want to prey on with season two premiering now on Amazon Prime. This action crime thriller graced Amazon Prime Video on November 16, 2018. Ever since the first season one ended, the implications for the future of the show kept rising. The cast, the story, the drama, the chaos, all perfectly form a pleasantly strident show. Quite contradictory, but that’s what the show is about. It is one of those shows that have the potential to go global and it did. The governance in Uttar Pradesh, the grotesque reality, and the preposterous people as characters, make up the entirety of the show. You go deep and beyond in the Purvanchal region of UP like never seen before.

The second season started premiered on October 22, 2020, a day before the anticipated day for the release. The third Amazon original show after Inside Edge and Breathe. The show compares itself with epic shows like Queen of the South, and Narcos. The legacy started in the first season became even popular extending the families’ saga. We came to know the latest show’s filming amidst the coronavirus. Even though the pandemic is still here, we can’t help but ask for Mirzapur Season 3.


Mirzapur Season 3
via Amazon Prime

Will we get Mirzapur Season 3?

The lead actor, Ali Fazal, previously kept giving us updates on the journey of Season 2 and we are super glad about that. Now, just like we want, Ali Fazal also lightly insinuated that Mirzapur Season 3 can just be the edition we can get. He said, “The show has sort of gone out of Mirzapur and back again. I think it might also head into Season 3.”

Amazon Video has not confirmed anything so making conjectures is all we get currently. However, considering the hype the show has built up, we may get another season maybe next year.

Who will you see in the next season?


The show will not be the same without the veteran actors. This measurement of the veterinary is not in age but rather in terms of their talent. We will see Pankaj Tripathi in the role of Akhandanand “Kaleen” Tripathi, Ali Fazal as Guddu Pandit, and Divyendu Sharma as Phoolchand “Munna bhaiya”. We will also see Isha Talwar as Madhuri Yadav, Vijay Sharma as Bharat Tyagi, Lilliput as Dada Tyagi, and Rajesh Tailang as Ramakant Pandit. Additionally, we can obviously see new addition however the plot will demand.

Mirzapur Season 3
Stills from the second season

The plot of Mirzapur Season 3

Speaking of the plot, Mirzapur Season 3 will take us deeper into Pandit, Tripathi, Gupta, and Shankar families. The second season started from the climactic ending of the first season. We saw Munna killing Bablu and Sweety, which made Golu and Guddu go on a blood quest. However, season two ended with a cliffhanger, yet again. Munna and Kaleen Bhaaiya are wounded so we will see what happens next. How will these families continue to threaten each other?


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