Midnight Mass on Netflix: Everything We Know So Far


Netflix is all set to debut another spooky series, Midnight Mass this September. As we all know that the Halloween season is approaching, so is Netflix setting the mood. With the spooky festival around the corner, the streaming service is introducing the audience to the series of the same genre. So, what is this new gothic drama all about? When is it coming to Netflix?

Midnight Mass on Netflix: Everything We Know So Far
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Mike Flanagan, popularly known for “The Haunting of Hill House” is bringing the series for us. Well, we are quite excited for the drama and hopefully, you are too. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming spooky series on Netflix.

Midnight Mass Release Date on Netflix

Netflix will premiere Midnight Mass in its entirety on September 24, 2021. According to some sources, the debut season of the series will consist of 7 episodes. Mike Flanagan has introduced some of the best scary stories to the audience but this one is a little different. Firstly, it is not an anthology. Secondly, it is probably not about ghosts. The drama mainly focuses on the horror of monsters. Hopefully, the drama will live up to fans’ expectations. Flanagan has a very good reputation when it comes to scary stories. Henceforth, we are expecting some good stuff from him this time as well.

About the Series

The setting of Midnight Mass is an island town called Crockett Island. It is accommodated with only 100 residents. There are two notable things about the island. First, the town is a very religious place with St. Patrick’s Church standing in the center of the town. Besides that, the fishing sector of the island is going through a very rough time after an oil spill years ago.


Midnight Mass on Netflix: Everything We Know So Far
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However, the main priest of the church was out on a pilgrimage and has returned very sick. A new priest has taken over his place temporarily and since his arrival, strange things are happening on the island. All the old residents are getting their youth back, a girl who was wheelchair-bound, has started walking. Moreover, someone saw the sick old priest walking around in the woods perfectly fine. All these incidents are happening because of the same cause that you will find in the story.

Midnight Mass Cast

The protagonist of Midnight Mass is the young priest who has decided to serve the church temporarily. Hamish Linklater stars as the young priest in the drama. Besides him, we will also see Henry Thomas, Kristin Lehman, Samantha Sloane, and IgbyRigney in the series. Matt Biedel, Michael Trucco, Crystal Balint, Louis Oliver, and Rahul Kohli are also playing important roles in the spooky drama. Moreover, you will also find Annarah Cymone, Annabeth Gish, and Alex Essoe in the forthcoming series.

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