Microsoft’s upcoming mandatory update will disable Flash on Windows 10


Released in 1996, Adobe Flash Player gained a lot of customer appreciation. It soon became one of the widely used technologies. However, Microsoft’s recent update will disable Flash from Windows 10.


Microsoft's upcoming mandatory update will disable Flash on Windows 10

Adobe Flash Player

Though Adobe’s Flash Player was a widely used technology, it was plagued by security flaws. Additionally, it had a lot of performance complaints. In the meantime, rivalries like HTML also started to flourish in the market. Adobe finally announced in December 2020 that it is eradicating the Flash Player. New operating systems and browsers will now be free from this outdated technology.

Updates by Microsoft 


Microsoft has already taken several steps to remove and uninstall Adobe’s player from Windows 10 operating system. In the month of February, the company issued an update referred to as KB4577586. This update was supposed to uninstall the Player on Windows 10 or Windows server. However, that was just an optional update. It gave the users an option to block Flash from getting installed on their device.

Microsoft's upcoming mandatory update will disable Flash on Windows 10
Source: Microsoft’s Community

Microsoft to Disable Flash Permanently

The company is now getting rid of Adobe Flash Player permanently. Microsoft will issue a mandatory update soon for all its users. It is expected to arrive by July 2021. Once it is downloaded, Windows will not let users reinstall the player. Besides this, it will also not let a user roll back the update. However, while disabling updates, one of the ways to delay important updates is useful. The risks compensate for the benefits. Adobe has not updated the player since December 2020. Thus, users could expose their data to hackers who could take advantage. If you want to be on the safer side, install the KB4577586 patch that was issued in February. You can also install the updates that are scheduled to arrive in June before they become mandatory.

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