Microsoft’s New Updates Benefits Apple M1 Users, While Teams Users Are In Vain.


Undoubtedly, Microsoft claimed that their office’s native support for the M1 chip architecture to Windows productivity suite. The decision is an on-demand to complete the system’s overall outlook. Microsoft officially announced that their new office update will bring native support for Apple’s M1 chip.

What the new update is about?

Planing to make the latest updates universal. The recent update approach was published on Tuesday, in a way to continue the reconciliation between Microsoft Office and Apple Mac teams.


So in that case, there are certain apps that are getting their updates. Such as Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Word. These updates will enable these apps to run on Intel and Apple Silicon apps. But, on the other hand, the Teams software is omitting the list and thereby will not get any updates.

Microsoft Office native support for Apple M1
Microsoft Office native support for Apple M1

Regarding the update, the official states that this update enables the listed apps to run faster than expected. Especially on M1 Macs, as the updates will be taking advantage of improved processor performance.

What would Apple M1 architecture be like?


As far as we know, the Apple M1 chipset is the first ARM-based system on a chip. It is designed by Apple Inc. as a central processing unit (CPU) for its Macintosh computer line. Moreover, by using a 5nm process, it becomes the premier personal computer chip. Coming to the architecture of Apple M1, it has four high-performance Firestorm and four energy-efficient Icestorm cores. This will provide a configuration similar to ARM DynamIQ and Intel’s hybrid Lakefield and Alder Lake processors.

The update is disadvantage for:

As I already mentioned, the Teams software apps are been committed from the latest updated list provided by Microsoft. So I guess, 2020 is worse for Teams users. But the good news is on run. Microsoft revealed that they are working on it.

Microsoft office native support for Apple M1

What makes the update best?

So it implies that the update will reach respective users by today. Specifically, the Office users on M1 Mac will get it by today. Meanwhile, the other users are requested to update through the Mac App Store or Microsoft’s AutoUpdate software. But, it serves great for Outlook users as they not only get native Apple Silicon support but also will have a boost to support for iCloud accounts.


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