Mann Ki Baat: Important Points By Modi


The 64th edition of his monthly radio program ‘Mann Ki Baat’ yesterday was discussed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. PM Modi talked about the nation’s continuing coronavirus condition. PM Modi, in Mann Ki Baat, once again attempted to repeat the steps that people must take in this time of emergency, from wearing masks to the significance of social distancing.


The prime minister had previously concentrated on the COVID-19 condition prevailing at that time in his 63rd edition of Mann Ki Baat, which screened on March 29th. PM Modi had previously declared a national lockdown until April 14, and the lockdown was eventually expanded until May 3.

PM Modi’s Statements During Mann Ki Baat


Mann ki Baat had many things that encouraged people in every issue of the country these days. Here are some statements by Modi:

  • We are grateful that the whole nation is helping to lead the fight against coronavirus.
  • Both government agencies and entities work closely together to ensure that the struggles of individuals are minimized.
  • India’s battle with Coronavirus is powered by people. The people and the government are fighting this war together. As a fighter, every citizen is fighting this war.
  • Friends, the feeling that emerges from the center of your heart when you support others, that in India’s war against Corona, touching, benevolent emotion takes the form of inner power, making it powered by people in every sense of the word.

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  • Many of you might be aware of a special initiative to ensure the availability of drugs to every corner of the world named ‘Lifeline Udan’.
  • Masks are now a part of our lives due to COVID19. That doesn’t mean that anyone who wears them is ill. Masks would become a representation of a culture that is civilized. If you want to secure yourself and others from illness, it is necessary to use a mask.
  • We have developed the digital platform ‘’-through this platform, volunteers from social orgs, civil society, and local administration are connected. This forum has been joined by as many as 1.25Cr individuals, including doctors, nurses, NCC cadets, etc. You may become a COVID warrior as well.
  • People are becoming conscious of the detrimental effects of spitting in public. The moment has arrived for this habit to stop now. It is now important to give up this practice of spitting in public.
  • I applaud the constructive role of state governments in coping with the COVID19 pandemic.
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