Man Stripped and Asked AirAsia Crew For “Italian Smooch”


In a strange incident on an AirAsia flight from Delhi to Bengaluru earlier this week, a passenger took off his clothes twice and asked to kiss a crew member. The passenger stripped naked, broke a laptop, and “requested an Italian smooch” from the crew, as per an internal report being investigated by the aviation ministry.

The passenger approached a cabin crew member on Monday with a “order of Italian smooch, which was firmly denied,” according to the Airports Authority of India article (AAI).

According to the paper, the passenger was told to take a seat and the crew checked to see whether he was intoxicated or on any medications, and the man apologised and said he was fine.


Later, when a stewardess of the AirAsia plane discovered the man naked in his seat, she asked him to change, which he did. But as soon as the plane touched down, he stripped off again.

“On the ground after he deplaned, the guest again got undressed. Again he removed his clothes and broke his own laptop on the ground in the presence of AAI security staff. On repeated requests, guests got dressed,” the report said.

Man Asked AirAsia Crew For Italian Smooch Mid-Air, Stripped: Sources

“Firstly, the unruly passenger started a heated argument with the cabin crew about life jackets. He later misbehaved with the crew onboard and suddenly took off all the clothes in the flight,” another passenger is quoted as telling the news agency.

More About The Incident at AirAsia:


The AirAsia crew has filed a police report, and Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri is reportedly considering a passenger ban.

According to the paper, the man could face a 30-day suspension, during which time he would be put on a no-fly list, as is the case for disruptive passengers.

AirAsia is saying that it might be possible that the passenger was drunk. “An inebriated guest onboard i5-722, from Bengaluru to New Delhi on April 6, 2021, behaved in an inappropriate manner including with a cabin crew on duty inflight,” an AirAsia India spokesperson said.

It is shocking and bizarre news today. We don’t know everything about it as no video or photo got viral which is sensible.

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