Lucifer Season 6 to Premiere on Netflix Soon, Every Important Update You Need to Know


As the release date for Lucifer Season 6 is coming near, fans’ curiosity is increasing even more. Netflix decided to wave the series a proper goodbye with a sixth installment. Fans were disappointed after hearing that the Lucifer series will come to an end with the fifth season. But, as they say, the devil made them do it. So, here they are, back with a sixth and final season. Like final, final!

Lucifer Season 6 Release Date

We had expected Lucifer Season 6 to arrive on Netflix towards the end of 2021. But we were wrong. The series will premiere its sixth and final season on September 10, 2021. It is a bit disappointing for the fans but that’s the truth they have to accept. Moreover, the final installment will consist of 10 episodes, six less than the previous season. Watch the date announcement trailer here.


Lucifer Season 6 to Premiere on Netflix Soon, Every Important Update You Need to Know
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Expected Cast

How can we even imagine Lucifer Season 6 without the protagonist, Lucifer? Tom Ellis will reprise his role as the titular protagonist. Besides him, the other expected cast is as follows:

  1. Lauren German as Chloe
  2. Lesley-Ann Brandt as Maze
  3. Rachael Harris as Linda Martin
  4. Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez
  5. Scarlett Estevez as Trixie Espinoza
  6. DB Woodside as Amenadiel

The Sixth Season Will Pay a True Homage to the Series


Lucifer Season 6 will ensure what sort of Lucifer fan you are. The sixth season will pay a true homage to the entire series. It will contain references and flashbacks from the previous seasons. You will understand what’s happening only if you have watched the previous seasons of the series. So, if you have followed Lucifer’s journey from the very beginning, the sixth season is a treat for you. Moreover, the show’s writer Chris Rafferty has warned the audience that the sixth season is full of surprises. He asked the fans not to assume anything and have faith in the show creators.

Lucifer Season 6 to Premiere on Netflix Soon, Every Important Update You Need to Know
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Lucifer Season 6 Expected Plotline

In season 5’s final episode, we saw Lucifer and Michael racing for God’s throne. Ultimately, Lucifer wins the duel and establishes himself on the throne. This is where Lucifer Season 6 will begin. When Michael stabbed Chloe in her abdomen and sent her to heaven, he foreshadowed her pregnancy. However, Lucifer brought her back and gave her immortality stating that he loves her. We all know that Lucifer’s path to becoming a God is not an easy one. There are several stories that will pick up in the final season. Until then, binge-watch all the previous seasons on Netflix if you haven’t.

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