Lovecraft Country Season 1 Ending Explained


Lovecraft Country Season 1 just ended in “Full Circle”, literally. The American horror supernatural drama premiered on HBO on August 16, 2020. The show takes its inspiration from Matt Ruff’s Lovecraft Country. Misha Green has done an amazing job of creating and tele-playing the first season. It garnered a 90 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 7.2 on IMDb.

Lovecraft Country takes us along the journey of Atticus Freeman. He traveled across the 1950s United States to search for his missing father. However, he comes across a town in which he learns mysterious secrets that plague it. He not only faces supernatural horror but also racist horror. It is conjectured that H.P. Lovecraft based most of his stories on this location. The first season ended on October 18, 2020. So, let’s dive into how it all went down.

Lovecraft Country Season 1
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Who is in Lovecraft Country Season 1?


The cast of the show is impeccable and needless to say, not replaceable. The main faces in Lovecraft season 1 are:

  • Jurnee Smollet in the role of Letitia Lewis
  • Jonathan majors s Atticus Freeman
  • Aunjanue Ellis as Hippolyta Freeman
  • Wunmi Mosaku in the role of Ruby Baptiste
  • Abbey Lee as Christina Braithwaite
  • Jamie Chung in the role of Ji-Ah

Lovecraft Season 1 initial plot

The 15 million viewers of the finale scream that the show is horrifically terrific. Tic began chanting from the book which made him and Leti collapse on the floor. Montrose and Hippolyta try to bring them back. However, their souls have already gone into astral traveling, where they get some interesting insight from their ancestors. They go significantly into their past. Tic went to the time when his ancestral home got burned. His mother tells him, “You have the best part of both of them. Montrose’s fierce heart and George’s integrity.”

Lovecraft Country Season 1
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Moving forward, Tic and Leti conjured Tutus Braithwaite who started it all. He is a tool for the spell they need, along with the flesh of Christina and Tic has to consume it. Tic manages to slice a part of Titus’ chest area. With others’ help, they dissolve him. Christina then comes up and starts explaining that her quest for immortality “isn’t about generational hate”. She ends the Book of Names from Tic. He proceeds to meet up with Ji-Ah. They both then resolve things between them and decide to move further along the plan against Titus.

The ending


We see Ruby and Letu talking. On the other hand, we see Hippolyta and Diana talking it out. However, we never get the proper ending to both. Tic, Leti, Montrose, Diana, and Ji-ah head to Arkham to cast the binding spell. However, when they reach the final stage, Leti finds out that Ruby is actually Christina.


They all get attacked from right and left. There are beasts of all sorts attacking the people who just wanted to cast a spell. In the midst, Christina casts the spell to make herself immortal. Ji-ah notices that she still has a part that she has to enact which can detriment Christina. Thus, she explodes and her immortality vanishes in the air. Then, Montrose attempts to revive Tic fervently when Hippolyta hands her Tic’s letter.

Dumas’s wise words are my wish for you. Supreme happiness. Teach my son new ways of living instead of repeating what we’ve been through.

Then, they all carry him across the bridge, on the other hand, Christina is still not dead. Diana then literally chops her head off with her robotic arm. The show talks about social issues and racial poverty that eat the world This is the first time sci-fi has been used to explore this. this is why Lovecraft Country Season 1 is a bomb.


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