Local Developers Monopolizing the TikTok Market in India.


India has banned most of the Chinese apps including TikTok in its Indian market due to the recent ongoing scuffle between India and China that has been rising at both the border and the main-land.

Considering the popularity of these apps, it is without a doubt that most of the apps are irreplaceable in the market.

Chinese short video app TikTok, which had a share of 85-90 percent of total monthly time spent by Indians on short-form content in June 2020 but was banned on June 29 along with other 58 Chinese apps.

TikTok is undoubtedly the most famous Chinese developer in the Indian market, well at least it was.


TikTok has lost around 40 percent share to Indian short-form apps in October 2020. The Indian platforms have captured a 40 percent market share of TikTok.

Josh leads the race equality of content, extensive content library, and, decoding preferences to deliver the right content.

Apps Similar to TikTok

The TikTok ban left a potential void left in the market. Indian content players like Dailyhunt owns Josh, launched apps like MX TakaTak, Roposo, Chingari, Moj Mitron, Trell, and others to fill the vast void created by the ban of TikTok.

RedSeer stated in a report that Josh by Dailyhunt, MX TakaTak, Roposo, Moj Mitron, Trell, and Chingari expanded their share to around 67 percent, roughly translating to 55 billion minutes (91 hours), in October.

Homegrown short-video-making apps led by Josh have captured 40 percent market share of their Chinese rival TikTok.


The main reasons for users to switch were Lack of quality content, lesser number of posts, lesser tools for content creation.

Loyalty of Users

Overall time spent post-TikTok ban was reduced by more than 50 percent from 165 billion minutes to around 80 billion minutes (133 hours) indicating many users are not willing to shift from TikTok to other short-form apps.

TikTok’s monthly active users grew nearly 2 times from 85 million in June 2018 to 167 million in June 2020 while its daily active users were 75 million.

The short-form content apps saw a decline in monthly time spent by users to just 37 billion minutes in July 2020. However, it has bottomed out since then and has scaled back to 95 billion minutes till early December.

India’s telecom sector is establishing new benchmarks in the next-generation network deployments and service delivery.

The questions remain on the monetization front for the players and potential change in dynamics if the ban on TikTok is lifted.


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