Like Mamata’s Moves, BJP Casts Bengal Actors Before Elections


The war of the BJP vs Trinamool for Bengal promises to turn into a shimmering game. On Wednesday, about a dozen Tollywood actresses and actors joined the BJP with just days to go for dates to be announced for the assembly elections. Tollywood is Kolkata’s version of Bollywood.

Yash Dasgupta, the 35-year-old actor of Bengali tv-series and movies who appeared in a film called Gangster in 2016. He even won a Filmfare award for his performance and is among the biggest stars. Papia Adhikari and Soumili Biswas are possibly the best actors.

Yash Dasgupta, who was brought into the political world by Mamata Banerjee in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, is also reportedly a friend of Trinamool MP and actor Nusrat Jahan.


Mimi Chakraborty, Dev Adhikari, and Sandhya Roy, the last veteran who has since left politics, are the other stars that debuted in elections and thanks Trinamool.

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More About Actions Regarding Elections:

In history, most of the stars that Trinamool had launched in the elections were winners. The BJP seems to have taken a page from her book and is also deploying star strength in the polls.

Yash Dasgupta was asked if he would contest the elections. He said that the decision would be up to the party. Yet he was here and willing to make a difference.


“I think the BJP has been encouraging the youth, believing that youth can bring change for the better. I think if you want to change the system you must be part of it”. He said.

Mr. Dasgupta is the biggest rival in the elections. said he was very fond of Didi or Mamata Banerjee, BJP’s big rival in this poll. “I am Didi’s younger brother and will remain so. This morning I messaged her saying I was joining BJP, sought her blessings, and conveyed my regards to her,” he said.

Whether Mamata Banerjee had replied to his message was not clear.

Two other well-known actors who joined the BJP on Wednesday are Papia Adhikari and Soumili Biswas. How many of them will compete in the elections is not evident, but they are expected to be star promoters for the party.

Trinamool, too, has been hiring film actors, with veteran Dipankar De, the greatest so far, acting in nearly half a dozen films by Satyajit Ray and other legends.

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