LG Focusing On New Transparent OLED Displays As ‘invisible’ Bedroom TVs


For a while now, LG Display has been operating on transparent OLED panels and aims to make the technology more viable for users as well. Now, with its “Smart Bed” design, the company has unveiled a potential implementation of transparent screens that will use a 55-inch transparent display that would act as a TV that could become invisible while not in service.

The “Smart Bed” concept was introduced during the South Korean tech giant’s CES 2021 exhibition. This idea had a transparent OLED monitor to be installed only at bottom of the bed and also at other places in one’s home. To make the transparent board rise from the foundation, one might just have to push the button, making for smooth entertainment. Without having separate external microphones, this invisible TV will also use Cinematic Soun to produced audio.


LG aims on using transparent OLED displays as 'invisible' bedroom TVs -  Gizmochina

In addition, LG also provided other potential uses for the 55-inch display, such as the transparent OLED screen used in restaurants. It would enable the clients to see the chef cooking their foods. Likewise, as per an AndroidAuthority article, metro trains also could sport these displays, providing real-time data such as route maps and positions together with the sight of the outside.


According to the company, compared to the 10 percent found in LCD displays, its 55-inch transparent OLED panel will flourish at a high 40 percent level of transparency. It also predicts such transparent screens in smart homes or perhaps even smart driving cars to substitute windows sometime in the field as well. LG claimed that this is not certain when the consumer market or store shelves will be hit by the transparent shows, but there is “growing demand” across various industries.

What is The “Smart Bed” Concept By LG?

LG introduced the “Smart Bed” concept during LG’s CES 2021 exhibit and it works something like this: There will be a transparent monitor on the foot of the bed or even in certain locations within your home. You have to just push the button for your viewing through which the transparent will start rising from the bottom.

Just really don’t lift your expectations for a transparent OLED display phone, at least not yet. A modern phone will need a way of hiding the electronics under a large screen while providing comparable battery capacity and characteristics and we can see with many examples that transparent phones are really not new. Your smartphone will restrict your view of the outside world as of now, at least.

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