Kim Jong-Un Calls K-Pop ‘Vicious Cancer’ and Not Good for North Koreans


North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has called the South Korean K-Pop a ‘vicious cancer’. K-Pop is not only popular in Korea, but it has a huge fan following worldwide. One of the most common examples is the BTS. The BTS army has a global fan club. People are crazy for BTS. K-Pop is winning hearts even in North Korea, which their leader doesn’t appreciate. Therefore, he has called for cultural war.

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un Calls K-Pop a ‘Vicious Cancer’ 

Kim Jong-Un is repeatedly criticizing South Korea’s originated K-Pop culture. He is even imposing harsh penalties on North Koreans for supporting K-Pop. If anyone caught listening to South Korean music in North Korea, he/she will have to face severe consequences. The Korean dictator has called K-Pop a ‘vicious cancer’.


Kim Jong-Un Calls K-Pop 'Vicious Cancer' and Not Good for North Koreans
Source: NPR

According to him, that culture is corrupting North Korean attire, hairstyle, speech, and behavior. In December 2015, Kim Jong-Un had introduced new laws against the South Korean music culture. If anyone gets caught while watching South Korean music or drama, he/ she will have to serve 15 years in jail. Moreover, in North Korea, if you are a BTS fan, you can get sentenced to 5 years in jail. K-Pop smugglers will face execution in North Korea. However, if anyone gets caught singing South Korean music, will have to serve two years at the work camp.

What are the Government Officials Ordered to Do? 


Kim Jong-un has ordered North Korean officials to search computers, text messages, and notebooks for South Korean vernacular. If anyone gets caught mimicking the puppet accent, he/she will face banishment. The North Korean media has stated that K-Pop is anti-socialist and non-socialist. Moreover, it is corrupting the North Korean youth. And it will make the country crumble like a damp wall.

Kim Jong-Un Calls K-Pop 'Vicious Cancer' and Not Good for North Koreans
Source: BBC

The relations between the two Korean countries aren’t very good. Moreover, now Kim Jong-Un has initiated a cultural war. Besides that, it was rumored that; the North Korean dictator was interested in South Korean music earlier. However, it seems like his taste has changed now.

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