Kejriwal Calls For A Meet With All Parties To Talk Covid Containment in Delhi


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has called for a meeting with all the parties to discuss how they are going to tackle the Coronavirus situation in Delhi. Cases in Delhi have shot up since October and the CM intends to discuss strategies to manage and contain the situation.

Kejriwal has called upon the meeting on Thursday and will be held at 11 AM in the Delhi Secretariat. Legislators from BJP, Congress, and Aam Aadmi Party are expected to attend the meeting.

Delhi has seen a third Coronavirus wave since October. This third wave saw a record spike of 8,000 cases just in the last week. What followed is a huge rise in the number of patients who showed severe COVID-19 symptoms and lesser ICU beds in the hospitals.


Delhi has reported an alarming rate of 1 lakh cases since November 1 and the number is not going down. Delhi also has a very high positivity rate. At 14 percent, it is more than three times the national average of 4 percent.

The Delhi Chief Minister said that the government of Delhi would increase 663 ICU beds in their state-run hospitals over the next few days. He added that GTB Hospital would add 238 extra beds from Friday. He also asserted that the Central Government would be prepared with 750 ICU beds in the DRDO Hospital.

Rounding up, the CM said that Delhi would have an additional 1,413 beds in their intensive care units across the city. He said that this would help in minimizing the existing shortage of beds to some proportions. Kejriwal added that despite such a huge spike in cases, the doctors have taken care of the situation very well.

Various steps to be taken to tackle this third wave: CM Arvind Kejriwal

The Delhi state government has also taken various steps to contain the pandemic. They have reduced the allowed number of wedding attendees from 200 to 50. Furthermore, they have sent a proposition to the Central Government asking their permission to temporarily close a few markets down. This is to stop them from becoming hotspots.


Arvind Kejriwal added, “It is a balancing act. It is important for us to check the spread of coronavirus without hurting people’s livelihood. We will remain vigilant over the next few days.”

Kejriwal’s government also asserted that there was no way there would be another lockdown.

Mr. Kejriwal also met Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday to talk about Delhi’s strategy to fight the spreading of the virus. According to the source, the talks were in the backdrop of a central government report that indicates that the daily Coronavirus infections could rise to 15,000. Since then, the Central Government has taken quite a few steps to tackle the situation. These include:

  • Bringing in more doctors and paramedics
  • Bringing in more ventilators for the hospitals
  • Raised the city’s health infrastructure, including COVID sample testing facilities

Satyendar Jain, the Health Minister of Delhi said that the city was running ‘maximum tests’ which will be further stepped up. Already the health officials are conducting an average of 60,000 tests a day since September. They would bump it up to 1.2 lakh a day. This will also include 60,000 RT-PCR tests and increased door-to-door COVID surveillance.

Source: NDTV

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