Kathy Hochul Hails as New York City’s First Female Governor


Kathy Hochul has taken over the government of New York as the city’s first female governor. She became the governor at the stroke of midnight after Andrew Cuomo faced several charges against sexual harassment and molestation.

Kathy Hochul Swore as New York State’s Governor on Tuesday

Amid ongoing tensions with Andrew Cuomo; Kathy Hochul emerges as the first female governor of New York City. The previous governor Andrew Cuomo is facing several sexual harassment charges; for the past few months. However, the Democrat from Western New York swore as the governor on Tuesday in a very private ceremony; that also included the state’s chief judge, Janet DiFiore. It’s the first time in history that the city is getting a female governor. Gone are the days when men ruled cities and regions. As the first female governor, Kathy’s job is to make history in a state; where men used to dominate politics.

Cuomo’s Message Before Resigning


Andrew Cuomo was destined to leave the governor’s office exactly at 11:59 PM. However, he had announced his resignation two weeks before actually leaving the office. Just before leaving the office, he released a pre-recorded farewell video that portrayed him as a victim. Cuomo said that it was “media frenzy” that led to his resignation. Although Cuomo is accused of sexual harassment, he has never confronted anything about it. Besides that, Cuomo also said in the video that he would rather resign than face defamation on national television. After his resignation, Kathy Hochul was swore as the state’s new governor.

Kathy Hochul Hails as New York City's First Female Governor
Source: Deadline

Women in Power

Previously, Kathy Hochul was scheduled to have an oath-taking ceremony on Tuesday morning; at the New York State Capital. Following that, she was supposed to meet the legislative leaders and address the public at 3 PM. However, this is the first time in history that power is in a woman’s hand. Besides that, most of the members of the authority are women. It includes state Senate majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins; Attorney General Letitia James, and Chief Judge Janet DiFiore. Kathy is taking over the administration at a time when the government is already facing criticism in the state. She has huge responsibilities on her shoulders.

How will Kathy Hochul Run the Administration?


In a statement, Kathy Hochul mentioned; that she never actually worked closely with Andrew Cuomo. Moreover, she didn’t even know about the harassment complaints until they became public.

Kathy Hochul Hails as New York City's First Female Governor
Source: USA Today

Kathy has clearly mentioned that her government is not at all toxic. She has a very different style of governing. Besides that, she has already scheduled appointments for two top aides. Karen Perischilli will serve as the governor’s secretary; Elizabeth Fine will serve as Kathy’s chief legal counsellor.

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