Karnataka government withdraws night curfew orders


The Karnataka government issued an order to curfew will be imposed in the state from 24th December to 2nd January.

A few hours later the government withdrew the order after discussing the matter with senior officials and receiving feedback from the public that a night curfew is not needed.

Karnataka was the second state after Maharashtra to impose night curfew across the state. On Wednesday morning while announcing the curfew he had said “In view of the new strain of Coronavirus, night curfew for nine days will be imposed till January 2.”


The government also gave a statement on Thursday that “The public should prevent the spreading of virus by self-imposing regulations, wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, avoiding unnecessary travels and following government-imposed COVID-19 rules”.

The night curfew was to be implemented from Thursday night. Till January 2 between 10 P.M to 6 A.M. movement of individuals was to be strictly prohibited during these hours and only movement of goods through trucks, goods vehicles, or any goods carriers, including empty vehicles were allowed.

All the industries/companies/organizations that needed to be operated during the night were permitted to operate with 50% staff.


Employees of such organizations were allowed to travel only if they had a valid ID card issued by their respective organizations.

Congress had opposed the decision to impose a night curfew. Earlier on Thursday morning. The state government invited a lot of flak over its decision to impose the curfew, with the opposition arguing there was no need for such a measure.

According to earlier issued orders, pubs and bars can remain open on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but DJ parties in nightclubs are barred.

The government has said that COVID-19 safety measures will be strictly enforced during Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the city. These restrictions, however, will continue to remain in place.

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