Kabul University Replaces Vice-Chancellor, At Least 70 Professors Resign


Near about 70 teaching staff of the prestigious Kabul University in Afghanistan have resigned after the Taliban replace Vice-Chancellor Muhammad Osman Baburi with Muhammad Ashraf Ghairat. All the teachers and professors have decided not to continue with their respective posts in the university after the Taliban-led government chose to replace the vice-chancellor. However, they are very furious with the Islamic organization but can’t do anything because of their terror.

Kabul University Introduces New Vice-Chancellor

After the Taliban changed the Vice-Chancellor of the prestigious Kabul University, most of the professors and other teaching staff have decided to resign. They are not at all accepting the new management in university.


Kabul University Replaces Vice-Chancellor, At Least 70 Professors Resign
Source: Minute Mirror

However, their main point of concern is that Muhammad Osman Baburi is a Ph.D. holder and on the other hand, Ghairat only has a Bachelor’s degree (BA) in Arts. It is also said that Ghairat was earlier a member of the education ministry. Besides that, he was also leading the assessment body of the universities of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

People are Not Happy with the Decision

Muhammad Osmani Baburi’s replacement as the Vice-Chancellor of Kabul University has set the internet on fire. People are actually expressing their rage on social media for appointing Ghairat as the new Vice-Chancellor of the University. Moreover, people are enraged by the fact that the Taliban-led government replaced an experienced and learned man with a young individual. As mentioned above, Baburi has a Ph.D. degree while Ghairat has only done his Bachelor’s in Arts. One of the finest universities in Afghanistan has lost an experienced and learned man as their Vice-Chancellor.

What did the Kabul University Say on this? 


In a statement released on Wednesday, Kabul University has stated that Muhammad Ashraf Ghairat is an acting Vice-Chancellor for the university. The management will reshuffle the positions very soon. Several people, including the members of the Taliban, have stated that there are more deserving candidates for the position other than Ghairat. Besides that, Ghairat’s old tweets from 2020 are also getting viral where is talking about journalists in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Ghairat has shared a series of tweets where is asking the critics to enquire about his academic background.

Kabul University Replaces Vice-Chancellor, At Least 70 Professors Resign
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Ashraf Ghairat Comments in his Defense

Defending himself, Muhammad Ashraf Ghairat tweeted that he has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and that too from Kabul University. But does that make him less eligible for the post of Vice-Chancellor? To this, Ghairat answers with an absolute no. He states that he has worked in different parts of the IEA for the past 15 years. Moreover, he was a key member of the cultural commission of IEA. Henceforth, he is a perfect fit for the position. What are your views on this?

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