Joe Biden Urges Netanyahu for De-escalation, Asks him to Move to a Cease-fire


US President Joe Biden dialed Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday. He asked him to immediately de-escalate tensions in the Gaza Strip. The two countries are fighting for almost 10 days now. Biden urged the Israeli PM to move towards a cease-fire.

Biden Dials Netanyahu Fourth Time this Week 

Netanyahu is just not ready to give up. In an interview, he denied setting a timeframe to end the hostilities. President Joe Biden urged him to immediately de-escalate the ongoing tensions. It’s over 10 days and already a lot is ruined in both countries. Wednesday was the fourth call in a week between Biden and Netanyahu. Even American Democrats are pressurizing Biden to take a more active role to broker a cease-fire. The death toll in the conflict has risen to 200.


Joe Biden Urges Netanyahu for De-escalation, Asks him to Move to a Cease-fire
Source: Al Jazeera

De-escalation and Cease-fire Proposed 

Joe Biden had avoided pushing American allies more directly for a cease-fire. He also never conveyed an urgency for ending Israeli airstrikes targeting Hamas at the Gaza Strip. But now, the situations are worsening. As more and more people are dying, tensions are increasing. Due to political tensions, innocent people, women, and even children are losing their lives. It seems as if Netanyahu is not in a mood to give up. He openly declared that he won’t stop easily. The Biden administration relied on quiet and intensive diplomacy for the past few days. Besides that, they waited for a UN Security Council statement that would address a cease-fire.

Children are the Ones Getting Most Affected 


Many American Democrats have also called for a cease-fire. Meanwhile, Biden is trying to convince Netanyahu for the same. The conflict is raging into a war now. If not stopped at the right time, severe consequences will take place. Most importantly, children are getting traumatized. They are the ones getting most affected by everything happening around them. According to Gaza Health Officials, over 60 children have lost their lives in the conflict. They are getting affected psychologically and mentally.

Joe Biden Urges Netanyahu for De-escalation, Asks him to Move to a Cease-fire
Source: Quartz

There are several reasons favoring a cease-fire. Firstly, it is too much destruction now. Secondly, innocents are dying. Both the parties should now call for peace. President Joe Biden has urged Netanyahu to think over de-escalation. We hope that he will soon come to a conclusion.

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