Joe Biden Urges Citizens to Get Vaccinated, Says Quite Necessary for the Country’s Economy


US President Joe Biden has commended Americans to get vaccinated as soon as possible. In a press conference on Monday, he stated that Americans need to get vaccinated in order to save the economy.

Joe Biden Urged Citizens to Get Vaccinated as Soon as Possible

US President Joe Biden on Monday said that America’s economy partially depends upon the citizens’ vaccination status. He urged more and more people to get vaccinated. Although he had planned to vaccinate 70 percent of the Americans before July 4, that just couldn’t happen. Henceforth, he has asked the people to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Besides this, the President also mentioned that the country’s economy is totally dependent on getting the global pandemic under control.


Joe Biden Urges Citizens to Get Vaccinated, Says Quite Necessary for the Country’s Economy
Source: Politico

Vaccines are Expiring in Bulk

The United States is having an ever-growing surplus of vaccines in the country. Moreover, the government has approved two or three vaccines for emergency use in the United States. As a result, several vaccines are expiring and becoming of no use. whereas, other low-income countries are dying to get those vaccines. President Joe Biden said that he understands the situation and is donating a lot of vaccines to other nations.

The US’s COVID-19 Vaccination Drive is Seeing a Decline

Since June this year, the country is inoculating 870,000 people; daily against COVID-19. This is quite a sharp decline from 3.3 million a day in the month of April. According to the CDC, the country is witnessing a slow vaccination drive; now as compared to the previous months. Whatsoever the reason is, the main point of concern is to ramp up the vaccinations. Henceforth, President Joe Biden urged the citizens on Monday to get vaccinated. Moreover, he highlighted the fact that the country’s economy totally depends upon the country’s vaccination status.

The American States Put Up Several Schemes to Boost Vaccinations in the Country


In order to ramp up vaccinations; several US states came up with schemes and offers. They offered the citizens free beer, marijuana, etc. Besides that, some states were offering million-dollar prizes. Moreover, the government also established; a few rights only for vaccinated residents. But nothing worked. Several states including Oklahoma, Tennessee, and North Carolina; are facing a constant decline in vaccination rates. Oklahoma has asked the Joe Biden government; not to send them any more doses for a month.

Joe Biden Urges Citizens to Get Vaccinated, Says Quite Necessary for the Country’s Economy
Source: Wall Street Journal

Joe Biden Blames Facebook for Slow Vaccination Drive in the US

President Joe Biden accused Facebook; a few days ago of spreading misinformation regarding the COVID-19 vaccines. He blamed the social media giant for the slow vaccination drive in the country. On the other hand, Facebook’s Vice President clearly mentioned; that their company has nothing to slow with slow vaccination drives. The American President tried to calm things down and asked Facebook not to take things personally. Moreover, he urged the social media giant; to take strict action over such posts that spread misinformation.

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